Noise in Decibel

Noise in decibel

grow high and very strong

the ears rebel.


The noise pollutes

not with dust and dirt

sound  not dilute.




A Noise Loud .

A noise loud

could be from anything bound

towards or outwards.

delusion Poetry

Noise Pollution —A Delusion

It is a cacophony

deafening terribly

like to lock the ears

wish to run away in fear

keeps on haunting all through

the sound turns one to blue

hapless and hopeless I stand

unable to move out from the band

others enjoy the din to the full

noise has become a way of life

the honk, the blare, the blast

all immerse the environ fast

term it noise pollution

anyhow it is a delusion.cacophony

Poetry pollution.

The Loud Speaker

The loud blast of the speaker

nettles and shuttles the ears

the noise gets into the brain

causes a propositional drain

the head reels in a dizzy

the conscious oscillates in a frenzy

not happens to one but to all

yet the speakers go without a call

unrestricted  in their own proceed

unknown to many around

it is a pollution of the sound

worse than the air  prone

as the noise holds a serious tone

a menace to the human in all

a mishap to the society in full.loud-speaker-photos


Just Over There.

An opening of a workshop
there is jubilation all around
crackers go up into the sky
with a loud noise makes one deaf
the beat of drums with no rhythm
add to the sound with a discordance
the guests walk round talking incessantly
that make up the environ most sonorous
the speech of the chief guest echoes
through the microphone in full blast
followed by the honours and felicitations
the calmness of the surrounding is shattered
not for this one day in all proportions
but would be throughout the year
with the growling of engines
and puffing of the smoke all through
along with the spray guns deployed
to paint the worn out vehicles
all here be pollutions in strength
that of noise, air and others in the run.
The beauty of being exclusive is lost in no time.
Yes, we do not know what would happen the next hour?car workshop


The Sound Of Silence.

I could hear no noise

 it is damn still

 silence is itself a sound Sound of Silence wallp11

 that has no voice

 but imposes a terrible  feel

it also lends out a great deal

a scenario of tenseness

where there arises a fear

that of being with no one

sometimes it is very inviting

most times it takes us away

creating an awe and scare

awesome it is to be in silence

might be for a temperate

on the long run it is not entertained

as silence and darkness

get going with hand altogether

the plausibility of being  alive

has to be equated with life

the breathing has to be juxtaposed

the nerves and veins have to have a let out

for that we need company

not that of human  entirely

but that of sound  mostly

not jarring but pleasant

that be of music pleasing

that be of talk enlightening

that be of a cackle enlivening

that be of a chuckle invigorating

a company of like mindedness

would become a gracious treasure.





Shop The fear Away

As a little girl

I used to fear

sound that turned harsh

noise that  rose to be   loud

talks that  became  poisonous

meets that converted to revolt

friendship that bore ill will

love that  was superficial

act that  was feigned

altogether I was disturbed

seeing all these very young

around me in plenty

as years went by

I became strong

faced these incongruities

without fear undaunted

emerging invincible

the rest of my life.fear






Chatter And Clatter

Conversations  go on endlessly

with never-dying interest

What do they talk about?

with such rapture in and out

makes me wonder all throughout

as I remain  an outcast

away from the normal cast

listening to what they say

as I feel given two ears  in a way

shows that we have to extend listen the hearing

and restrict the talking

None pay heed to me

thinking I am  a dummy

or more so a mummy

bereft of expression

and demanding impression.

So goes on the talking forever

ending up in a loud chatter

devolving into a noisy clatter

releasing by far nothing.




Ill Sounding.

The calm of the morn got disturbed
The back yard echoes with a sound
tumultuous and jarring piercing the ears
sending waves of dust across
drenching the yard with dusty smoke

As I could not stay long in the back
came to the porch with my newspapers.
Misery again with a different noise
It is the beating of drums with full vigour
denoting that somebody has passed away.

Digging the already injured earth
Penetrating it for more water on one side.
Drum beats in a house where the departed is laid
do not augur well with the sombre occasions.
Am I going into other’s affairs too much?

Poem thoughts

A Street Hawker

street hawkerA street hawker named Jack
had things in a big pack
that hung on his back
while he went on his track
calling people to buy in a quack.

Quack he cried hoarsely
as his voice was roughly
like a cracked one horribly
breaking into high and low incidentally
sending an unpleasant tone awkwardly.

All that much for his voice
he had a knack of selling toys
by drawing the kids to a choice
of puppets and straw dolls in poise.
which they bought amidst great noise.