The Coins

The coins make noise

clashing against each other

falling down on the ground

rolling into corners

somewhere  hard to collect

somewhat    difficult to trace

the coins go to places too

with the transactions  on the way

buying with the spirit

exchanging  with  the intention

the cost price indicated along

the sale  images (67)price informed also

there goes a barter and a sale

the barter being done earlier

the  sale coming closer

there goes a commercial  spree

with the coins making a clatter

deciding on a charter.





Chatter And Clatter

Conversations  go on endlessly

with never-dying interest

What do they talk about?

with such rapture in and out

makes me wonder all throughout

as I remain  an outcast

away from the normal cast

listening to what they say

as I feel given two ears  in a way

shows that we have to extend listen the hearing

and restrict the talking

None pay heed to me

thinking I am  a dummy

or more so a mummy

bereft of expression

and demanding impression.

So goes on the talking forever

ending up in a loud chatter

devolving into a noisy clatter

releasing by far nothing.