Life meaningful Poetry

Life Becomes Wonderful

The days fly
with no time
as I try
to make them chime
the days see no flutter
I do many a trick
one being an incessant chatter
it does not click
I attempt to smile pleasantly
still it works not
I then go to help willingly
it turns a lot
my days look meaningful
myhelp life has become wonderful.


Chatter And Clatter

Conversations  go on endlessly

with never-dying interest

What do they talk about?

with such rapture in and out

makes me wonder all throughout

as I remain  an outcast

away from the normal cast

listening to what they say

as I feel given two ears  in a way

shows that we have to extend listen the hearing

and restrict the talking

None pay heed to me

thinking I am  a dummy

or more so a mummy

bereft of expression

and demanding impression.

So goes on the talking forever

ending up in a loud chatter

devolving into a noisy clatter

releasing by far nothing.



Actions Evolution Experience Interpretation Lesson Life Looks thoughts Tune

Tweet, Chat, Act.

The birds twitter.

Their notes are not bitter.

The tune is a flatter. 


The monkeys chatter.

Their talk does not matter.

The noise is an annoying banter.


Men  act  as if in a theatre.

Their  behaviour is a conspiring falter. 









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Stay at Home

Hate to go out mostly,

Find solace at home,

The  incessant chatter disillusions,

The  irrelevant gossip disenchants,

The  eagle like stare penetrates,

The  stinging words pierce,

The  sharp sneer kills,

Cause not like to get out,

 Cause stay at home renders peace.

Beauty Diamonds thoughts Transitory

The Beauty of the Morn.-An Allegory

Tiny dew drops shine like diamonds ,

They oscillate over the fragile green grass,

Shimmering in the glistening sunrise,

A beauty not to miss every morn.


Little buds peep out from the nodules,

They are in red, rose and blue,

Dancing in the morning breeze,

A beauty not to  miss  every morn.


Small children walk up the road to school,

They chuckle and chatter as they move,

Exchanging friendly gestures and pep talk,

A beauty not to miss every morn.


The glory of the day lies not  in calls,

The charm of the hour is not based on tries,

The contentment rests on impressive sights,

That take us to infinite heights.


The beauty of the morn is not to be missed,

It has to be repeatedly cherished,

The dew drops, bud and child are personifications,

Of transcendental truth and  exuberant bliss.