The Life Giver

The sun be in the sky

shines throughout with no shy

distance does not matter

nothing else does shatter

being so far away

has not deterred it anyway

it shines and shines

all through fine

a  lively beam of rays

come out unfazed

that be the strength of the sun

the light giver apart from fun.sun

matters Poetry

That What matters.

Grades do not matter
quality does matter
the preparations do not matter
the performance matters
so with that the events take place
well, if anything else that matters
it is the sequence in a matter
contents arranged in a schedule matters
ideas with a presentation matter
ideals excellent do matter
instructions prudent matters
in a way all that matters
stretches across with a matter.what matters.


The Mind Carries.

Like to read my mind
come and test it.
it is full of thoughts
some very idiotic
others very relevant
they combine together
form a chemical compound
unable to segregate
as they fuse together
their identities are lost
they become so tricky
that working on them
proves difficult
The idiotic dominates
the irrelevance overwhelms
that be the range
where wisdom falls short
presenting a clueless strain.mind

Actions Evolution Experience Interpretation Lesson Life Looks thoughts Tune

Tweet, Chat, Act.

The birds twitter.

Their notes are not bitter.

The tune is a flatter. 


The monkeys chatter.

Their talk does not matter.

The noise is an annoying banter.


Men  act  as if in a theatre.

Their  behaviour is a conspiring falter.