An Entertainment Without Fee.

monkeys playOn and off I am entertained

I do not buy tickets

I am fortunate enough

not a penny on tickets

sit at my patio long enough

behind the fastened gate

gaze at the tree opposite

the concert starts with a beat

the little one walks into the site

attempts a somersault  greet

his brother walks in merrily

incessant chatter from behind

the mother slowly moves in cheerfully

followed by the majestic father in a bind

all the four now hop and jump

the mother carries the baby in her pouch

the brother runs away from the sight

the father runs behind him as such

the baby cries for milk as he is hungry

mama feeds him then and there

sucking the baby goes to sleep peacefully

the father returns with the brother

screws up  his ears in  an admonition

the brother squeaks with pain and cries

with that the screen comes down

the players go back to the trees.

could anything be more entertaining?


The Monkeys on The Tree.

It is a shield
a shelter on the field
a tree standing high
where the monkeys fly
by the means of hop and a swing
they do that without wings
a chatter and a clatter heard
as they break the boughs with a dread
the leaves fall in a scatter
the flowers come down little later
the berries drop one by one
the monkeys come down with fun
collect the berries with cheer
cross the road without fear
munch the flesh and throw the nuts
with a force as they fall into the guts
away they climb up the tree once again
that be for a profit and a gain.five little monkeys.


Oh ! My Friends.

The monkeys opposite
have gone without a deposit
their habitat has become
a lorry shed with newcomers
come and go all through the day
the chatter of monkeys is download (70)invariably
replaced by the engine sound mostly
the hop and skip of the little ones
not to be found ever once
a lump passes through the throat
as I visualise the monkeys on a float
the hustle of trees is no more
the bustle of men is there all the more.


Enjoyment And Security

The chatter of the monkeys was noisy.
The chirping of the birds was noisier.
The barking of dogs was the noisiest
The one making sounds incessantly being harmless
The second one tweeting in soft tunes
The last one grunting rather fiercely frightening all.
This being the noise around me all through
with the monkeys high up on the tree tops
coming down in a somersault
The birds playing in my backyard
pecking at the morsels of food left there.
The dogs of my neighbours standing behind the gate
guarding the portals from strangers with an alertness
These being the scenes around me most of the days
amidst the din and banter I live with no fear
as I have the monkeys looking at me from top
and the birds playing hide and seek in the garden
with them I have developed a companionship
Besides all these there are the dogs living adjacent
chasing away any stranger with one sharp growl
That be the enjoyment and the security I get altogether538px-Tobias_Stranover_-_A_Monkey,_a_Dog_and_Various_Birds_in_a_Landscape_-_WGA21874


My Company

Straightening my neck which is aching

I see through my window with a longing

as the window shows me the world

not that world that everyone sees

but my own world of trees and plants

birds and monkeys all around

busy going about with their work

not bothered about rain or shine

nor about rumour or slander

the birds fly about  with a search

the monkeys along with a hunt

do some jolly good pranks

all of them keep me entertaining

and I feel blessed and pleased

as being with them relieve

my neck in specific

and assuage my mind  in general monkeys and birds on trees


Actions Evolution Experience Interpretation Lesson Life Looks thoughts Tune

Tweet, Chat, Act.

The birds twitter.

Their notes are not bitter.

The tune is a flatter. 


The monkeys chatter.

Their talk does not matter.

The noise is an annoying banter.


Men  act  as if in a theatre.

Their  behaviour is a conspiring falter.