beautiful Poetry

A Lovely Day

Every day is beautiful

with a morn wonderful

the sun peeps out

shines throughout

a day with almost bright

sunny and straight

another day mostly dull

cloudy in full

the days roll on

everything passes on

the good and the bad

the events happy and sad

take place in a succession

the progression and recession

happen with no interruption

a continuous session

that dots life with a cheer

and punctuates it with a fear

that be the day for everyone

most assuredly a lovely one.lovely day


The Dainty Flower

It is a dainty flower

lovely and tender

gay it looks

beside a brook

being very small

it looks not tall

catches the eye

crucially with a sigh

not one of heave

but of sieve

goes into the heart

strikes with a start

transcends into peace

joins together all pieces

of the mind and thought

to a totality found anew

Indeed! a genuine renew.

flower dainty


A Land Lovely

It is a land
looks very grand.
holds a happy band
with people in brand.
a joyful lucky lot
who never fought
always live together
work hard rather
a friendly clan
act with a plan
prosperous they are
they not go far
stay around the place
survive with a grace.
a rare sight as of now
an exceptional group
a charming troupe
lovely land.


The Monkeys on The Tree.

It is a shield
a shelter on the field
a tree standing high
where the monkeys fly
by the means of hop and a swing
they do that without wings
a chatter and a clatter heard
as they break the boughs with a dread
the leaves fall in a scatter
the flowers come down little later
the berries drop one by one
the monkeys come down with fun
collect the berries with cheer
cross the road without fear
munch the flesh and throw the nuts
with a force as they fall into the guts
away they climb up the tree once again
that be for a profit and a gain.five little monkeys.


My Dearest Friend

rainsI had an unexpected guest
who always put me to test
she would drench me with showers
if she is in a mood not terse.

The friend of mine came all so quick
could not believe her as she was up to trick
wondered what brought her here all of a sudden
she was always an entertainer never a burden.

I rushed towards her with happiness wrought in my face
took her by my hand and tried to embrace her with grace
she escaped from me and dodged playfully
delighted I stood gazing cheerfully.

She was with me for one and a half hour
she went through enlivening each flower
which blossomed as soon as she touched the petals
her entry brought mirth in total.

The friend of mine could be a friend of you too
she is a lovely person which is nothing but true
I begged her to come every day for an hour and half
as she is rain who acts for prosperity on behalf.


Ode To A Dove.

Up in the sky
I see a dove flying high
calm and sober in her try
She cruises up with no effort

She turns down all in a sudden
her white supple body is not a burden
she glides gracefully into the garden
straightens herself with a pose

She walks slowly down the aisle
makes no noise as she passes with a style
swerves her milky white body
perching herself on the tree

Her little ones nestle
close to her when she enters
she places them in a hole
as she wants to build a nest new.

The dove flies up and down
busy in her sojourn
She sets a perfect tone
as a mother in the fore

She embodies purity and love
a sign of peace is the dove
looks like an angel in the grove
moving about with poise 300_363511


Great Conversation

I had a long conversation
on the telephone
it was very long
but not at all tiring
we kept periods
one listened to the other
never got in between
it was interesting
I spoke with my maturity
nothing very high and wise
but a reflection of experience
the other end talked in his style
very sweet and inimical
raised his voice as though in an exclamation
spoke low as if in confidence
the whole hour went on toddler
I well into my late fifties
and he very much a year and a half
great was the time
lovely it was still more.


The Meticulous Choice.

A choice unique and exclusive

could be very very  decisive

as it has elements inclusive

seeming very elusive

synchronizing to a beauty

adding a few adornments  here

taking off a few extras there

giving a shape to the parts with care

decking them with lovely designs rare

coming with it all the fares

the manufacturing and freight fair

together make it a great share.spoon and fork stand.


An Ode To A Mango

Eating the mango with salt
was our favourite dine
adding little chilly would halt
any one that passed fine.

Mangoes hanging with a glossy hue
thick green when not ripe
golden-yellow when fully ripe in true
tasting delicious with a juicy wipe.

From childhood mangoes held me in sway
The bitter taste enslaved the tongue
and never missed eating one each day.
Raw ones had a special status in the rung.

The yellow fruits shimmered like gold.
Peeling off the skin so light and tender
and cutting the lascivious fruit in slices bold.
slipping one after one into the mouth forced a surrender.

Raw or ripe mangoes have a grip
Old or young men become slaves.
The mangoes are no more cheap
The desire to eat mangoes 6657702-golden-yellow-mango-isolated-on-white-backgroundimages (30)would last for ever .

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An Exciting Land.

The soil is ever beautiful,

With sand colourful.

White is the colour of the beach sand.

Red  forms the fertile sand.

Black takes up the alluvial sand.

Brown is attributed to river sand.

A large colourful hue is in the band.

Adding a ray of gold to the land.

Fixing a streak of silver to the land.

Enhancing the glow and the glitter of the land,

With fertility, fecundity and productivity all  in a grand.

Oh! It is a lovely  land!

Indeed it is an exciting  land!