A Lily

It is a lily

white and lovely

pretty and dainty

dangles in the sun

causes a lot of fun

enjoyable to look at

a pleasure to watch at

a  flower not very catchy

expresses a nature gritty

being solemn and  pure all through

as white stands for all that is true.rain-lily-128108132-resized




The Dainty Flower

It is a dainty flower

lovely and tender

gay it looks

beside a brook

being very small

it looks not tall

catches the eye

crucially with a sigh

not one of heave

but of sieve

goes into the heart

strikes with a start

transcends into peace

joins together all pieces

of the mind and thought

to a totality found anew

Indeed! a genuine renew.

flower dainty


Dainty Pie

The flavour in the pie

the smell that emanates

greatly igniting the wish

wanting to savour it  in deviates

tasting it bit by bit

let not in one go

well as it lies there closely knit

devoured by many in a flow

the aroma  keeps my nostrils panting

while my taste buds flip-flop

I stand in the queue wanting

seeing the layer in top

being swapped in gently

entering smoothly into the throat

it being a dish of dainty

that would melt in the mouth  as a float

Oh! the dish is making me ravenous

as waiting increases the  appetite even more.

dainty pie