A Lily

It is a lily

white and lovely

pretty and dainty

dangles in the sun

causes a lot of fun

enjoyable to look at

a pleasure to watch at

a  flower not very catchy

expresses a nature gritty

being solemn and  pure all through

as white stands for all that is true.rain-lily-128108132-resized




The Blow Of Wind —- In Phases.

The blow of wind

gushes through

one of its kind

never be true .


The blow of wind

strikes through

one of its  place

never be true.


The blow of wind

enfolds you through

one of its  race

never be true.


The blow of wind

raises you afloat  through

one of its trace

never be true


The blow of wind

raises you to a trance through

one of its excess

never be true.wind blowing





Poetry quiet. silent through

Through And True.

Long time ago  I was always quiet

silent all through

the events   that were enough to bite

literally I mean them true

never did trigger nor agitate

kept me complacent through

I  was  perhaps a senseless person in straight

you might conclude  in true

I lived all through my younger days like a puppet

nodding my head all through

a time came I tore myself with the toughest

jumped into the cesspool true

I fumed and frothed, heaved and sighed

struck with force all through

I look different all with anger in the wilderness

a turned self very true.true


It Is Love— haiku.

It is love
a true and great love
a love genuine

It is love
an erotic and passionate love
a love infatuated.

It is love
an affectionate and unrequited love
a love motherly.

It is love
well accepted and looked up
a love great.

So be love
different and different in love
altogether is love.different love


The Fighting Two.

The fight  between the two
is it absolutely true
it sounds so pettish
at times even garish
the two not known much
leave alone the fame as such
not on a personal level too
pick up fight  from the blue
exchange dual in   a fleet
while they forget their feet
down they go into the drain
their shouts start to rain
that be the way they behave
think one another  as each one’s slave

Well Within You.

Best be what you do

not forget what is to you

incline towards it in true

set out with a motive all true.

The efforts put by you

be strong and steadfast in true

shrug not at any cost

nor go about it in fast.

Do the best at all point

It is well within your joint.

Does this sound as a preach?

Sure, it is within your reach.

do your best.


The Pattern

The pattern of true life
is a straight forward strife
sharp as a double-edged knife.

Sincerity is not seen mostly
found in pockets honestly
a rarity that is distinct eventually.

The dubious prosper
while the upright remain demure
fallacy obviously an allure.

The designs are well crafted
the easiest finds itself drafted
the difficult are left as unwanted.

Thus the patterns are formed
the angels become deformed
the devils turn out in full form.

The world moves on towards the vicious
as it leaves the portions that are precious
the invalid indices look infectious.

The carcinoma spreads as fast as it could
destroys the echo pattern as it would
a devastation is seen in the likepatternlihood.



I dreamt for a time

got up after some time

found nothing in rhyme

as I lost the rhythmic rhyme.dreams


Dreams Come True

Dreams come true they say
but i never could say so.
As I go on dreaming day after day
nothing has turned real in a show.
Does this happen only to me? I wonder
if at all they come out true I ponder
I would rise up and fly in the skies
like the lovely roaming fairies.
Dreaming every night as I sleep
I get up suddenly and peep
finding nothing amazing
I sit silent and gazing.
Well, dreams do give a fill
a satisfaction and adream-mirror-dreams-can-come-true-31082814-900-900 thrill

Actions Experience grace Interpretation Pride quality thoughts

Pleasant What May.

Nodding her head she sits among friends.
Listening to their remarks of lively trends.
Smiling at their fascinating talks across the bend.
Keeping a pleasant quietness is her way till the end.

Coyly she hears their bashful jeers.
Softly she smothers their tears.
Lovingly she dissipates their fears
as she keeps a pleasant poise is her way unto the rear.

Expressions rude never come from her.
Thoughts evil never get the best of her.
Inhuman behaviour is never found in her
as she Keeps a pleasant grace intact in her.

Her insinuations are assumed as ignorance by some.
Her inclinations are claimed as innocence by some.
Her exclusiveness is termed as pride by some
while keeping a pleasant attitude never pays her handsome.

Her demeanour is all throughout the same.
Believing in truth is her game.
She worships truth not in name
while she keeps a pleasant trust not for fame.
She does not live for others as many do.
She loves them most from out of the blue.
She does not wish to give a clue
while keeping a pleasant extension in the groove.

Her way of life is different all through.
Never does she bow down to authority in a rue.
Never does she acknowledges money as powerful in all her moves
as she keeps a pleasant endearment in her interactions true.