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We Reap What We Sow.

Life is a travel

it is a marvel

could be  a shrivel

anything on  the level

a hype here with a sensitivity

a type there with a placidity

all call for a plausibility

that one makes out of life

spans some eighty  more in strife

with words pointed like knife

insinuates a disharmony

with behaviour moderate

evolves reapa feel considerate

all depends on the way we go

so  we reap that we sow.


The Fighting Two.

The fight  between the two
is it absolutely true
it sounds so pettish
at times even garish
the two not known much
leave alone the fame as such
not on a personal level too
pick up fight  from the blue
exchange dual in   a fleet
while they forget their feet
down they go into the drain
their shouts start to rain
that be the way they behave
think one another  as each one’s slave

The Ways To live.

The way you speak
the way you behave
makes you stand out.
Peeking into other’s affairs
Propping unnecessarily
makes you unwanted.
Passing remarks
scathing and irrelevant
makes you disliked
Talking rudely
Telling lies
makesrude talk you detested.
These are few in the code
that brings out in mode
the ways to live.

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Mind In Delirium

deliriumA mind which cannot rest at ease
involves itself in gossip limitless
talking ill of others is one way
slandering unmindful is another way.
Why and what makes me do so?
makes one wonder ever so.

That mind should be extremely disturbed
with issues that keep it constantly perturbed
either by a heavy irrevocable financial loss
or by erroneous repeated flaws.
The monetary part sends a shiver
while the mental agony sets in a quiver.

Talking incessantly about a person
whom you do not like for no reason
impressively tells that you are jealous
of he being progressive and prosperous
and wish to inflict a dent to his image
by reversing his trend by a senseless barrage.

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Many Many Ways

waysThere is a way to live with dignity and pride
There is a way to speak with sense and sequential tide.
There is a way to behave interacting with love and charming smile
There is a way to write penning with substance and style.
There is a way to learn mastering with grace and skill.
There is a way to think deliberating with depth and differential fill.
There is a way to eat partaking with etiquette and delight.
There is a way to walk sauntering with gait and steps light.
There is a way to sit relaxing with comfort and in form.
There is a way to sleep lying down with modesty and decorum.
There is a way to dress clothing decently and without enticement.
Thee is certainly a way to die breathing out with peace and contentment.
There are ways for all things whether they be great and small.

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A Silent Killer.

A complex is all-pervading in him,

thinking high in all terms ,

taking into account the physical,

flies with an air of superiority,

assuming to be very grand,

offering to be very elegant.


Coming to the brainy part,

 he behaves so emphatic,

extending a witty dialogue,

trying to belittle others,

by the authoritative delivery,

by ignoring the true ingenuity.


Such persons go about,

bruising the nearest,

hurling unconsciously bitter words,

hovering over with unobtrusive attention,

carrying ahead without any repentance.