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Delivery———A Network In Synergy.

You deliver in many ways

as delivery has hundreds of forms

one being vital of all

going with the creation

another delivers a child

not an easy job to quote

the trials at the time of birth

the tribulations much before that

about a ten month stay in the womb

along with the nourishment and prenatal care

all too much for her in the regular

accompanied by the after care

looking after the baby and taking care

the sleepless nights one undergoes

the feeds, the time and the bringing up

all takes through with a concentration

well, that could be a delivery all the more serious.

Then the turn on delivery is postal

the letters brought forth to the table

comes on time with news relevant

irrelevant might be the letters to an extent

yet it induces an anxiety great

the wait for the postman at the door

the hurry to open the fold

contribute to the fascination

have slowly died down

with the  advent of e-mails

so far for the delivery known

there being many unknown

the exchange of lovers

through secret channels

the delivery of goods and baggages

all being done through the cargo

be they in the mode of air or land or water

thus goes the word “delivery”

exposing denominations less and great.

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Step Up Lina.

Lina, for all I know, had a setback that day.

It kept Lina locked for a day.

She sat speechless the whole day.

She was not her usual self that day.


Lina,all I know, is invincible.

She had overcome events terrible.

She faces disasters with spirit credible.

But that day she was inconsolable.


Lina, for all I know, is of a stern stuff.

She never in exasperation huff or puff.

She is not a snobbish vain  buff.

But, that day she was terse and gruff.


Lina ,for all I know, is a girl of pride.

She carries  herself with a charismatic glide.

She speaks in an unleashing stride.

But that day she was in a low tide..


Lina, for all I know, is a lovely angel.

She is a dainty, kind angel.

She is a sweet-tempered angel.

But, that day she was looking like a fallen angel.


Lina, for all I know, is a private person.

She behaved  with an idealistic  reason.

She is a flower of all seasons.

But, that day, she was  in enormous tension.


Lina, I know not your turmoil.

Could you not create a foil?

Could you not put an end to this toil?

Lina would come out of it without a soil.






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A Silent Killer.

A complex is all-pervading in him,

thinking high in all terms ,

taking into account the physical,

flies with an air of superiority,

assuming to be very grand,

offering to be very elegant.


Coming to the brainy part,

 he behaves so emphatic,

extending a witty dialogue,

trying to belittle others,

by the authoritative delivery,

by ignoring the true ingenuity.


Such persons go about,

bruising the nearest,

hurling unconsciously bitter words,

hovering over with unobtrusive attention,

carrying ahead without any repentance.