Poetry thoughts

A Pun-Little Bit.

Call it wits

being one of hits

nothing in bits

actually it fits

could say it befits

as he sits

speaks with a grit

his eyebrows knit

walks away with a clean chit




Poetry profession Read sit stare write

I Sit And Stare,

It is a Sunday  evening

have nothing to do

mostly I do nothing always

sit and stare for hours

read and write for many hours

sleep soundly for many more hours

that is how I pass my days

either it be any day

Monday to Friday

through the week days

Saturday and Sunday

the week end days

I sit and stare

reas and write

sleep and sleep

any of you want to be like me?

nay, never as I know

you would all be busy always

no time to stand ans stare

if you try my professon once

would not leave it for ever

I sit and stare.stare

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Many Many Ways

waysThere is a way to live with dignity and pride
There is a way to speak with sense and sequential tide.
There is a way to behave interacting with love and charming smile
There is a way to write penning with substance and style.
There is a way to learn mastering with grace and skill.
There is a way to think deliberating with depth and differential fill.
There is a way to eat partaking with etiquette and delight.
There is a way to walk sauntering with gait and steps light.
There is a way to sit relaxing with comfort and in form.
There is a way to sleep lying down with modesty and decorum.
There is a way to dress clothing decently and without enticement.
Thee is certainly a way to die breathing out with peace and contentment.
There are ways for all things whether they be great and small.