The Repute

Being good id good

being bad is great

 a good man is modest

acts for the good

 recognised not in the world

 lives  and dies not known

a bad man poses as good

 performs in places unfamiliar

patronizes and donates

 acquires repute good manin no time

lives in fame and ignominy both

dies with a brand evil.






Born To Die.

That which is born
has to die
an event prescribed
well y the divine
be born to dieit a small ant
or a tiny bud
all would have to face
the same fate
as destiny would have it
the mighty, the powerful
the small and the big
the dull and clever
one day would perish
and become dust
there be no discrimination
no age to be recognised
old and young alike
go with the tide
that be the end of any life
all are born to die.


The day That Is

The day turns out to be one of vain

as people go bragging for gain

going by the words  not true

standing out for things that grew

on a soil  laden by lies

as these lies get ahead in tries

bringing  fortunes to those

who  like to reap in a chose

with benefits much and great

that make them rich and powerful images (42)

as wealth brings fame too

a comfort that none other could buy

that  would last until one dies







Early In The Morning

Being early in the morning

got up with a yawning

listening to the birds cackling

hearing the hooting

quickly rising

rushed to the opening

as someone stood calling

very early in the morning.



Who is it ? said I

paying a significant  apply

steadying myself in a shy yawning

looking through the door’s eyes

saw a big fat guy

appearing tall and high

breathing heavily with a sigh

as if he is going to die.


Sixty Years Memories

Living long has its own fall backs 

 that too after sixty it s a tedium

 living most of the time alone 

while the husband and wife keep staring 

there arises  a vacuum  very emphatic

and if the man  falls sick die before sixty

 the wife tends the husband

 but never could she expect that 

 if she gets ill and lies in bed.

 That being the untold verdict

 of the community  at large 

 where the male chauvinism

reigns supreme and great 

 however exhausted she be

 has  look after the chores

Getting away from this earthly being

very much before you turn sixty

 seems appropriate and wonderful

 as you are saved from illness

 and the much condemned loneliness

 I can hear the advice of many

bidding  to get involved in service 

 which again needs a healthy frame

 and a stamina sane  

which again leads to the vicious .

Die before you turn  sixty  or even ahead

as you would not be a burden to anyone

 the least to yourself.








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Many Many Ways

waysThere is a way to live with dignity and pride
There is a way to speak with sense and sequential tide.
There is a way to behave interacting with love and charming smile
There is a way to write penning with substance and style.
There is a way to learn mastering with grace and skill.
There is a way to think deliberating with depth and differential fill.
There is a way to eat partaking with etiquette and delight.
There is a way to walk sauntering with gait and steps light.
There is a way to sit relaxing with comfort and in form.
There is a way to sleep lying down with modesty and decorum.
There is a way to dress clothing decently and without enticement.
Thee is certainly a way to die breathing out with peace and contentment.
There are ways for all things whether they be great and small.

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Day To Die

get awayRight from the age of thirteen
the sense to get away had been
slowly evolved into a theme
activating a solitude in the stream
inducing a refrain from the worldly
having captured a glimpse solemnly
of the powerful surging ahead
of the modest pushed to the red
having perceived the discrepancies
in the infringements of the agencies
having experienced the drawbacks
along with sordid refractory pull backs
the heart heaves with a long sigh
waiting for the day to die.

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The Effect Of Lies.

Lie leads to a tie.

A tie directs to a buy.

The buy insists a try.

A try promotes a shy.

The shy creates a cry.

A cry pushes to a fly.

The fly brings out a sigh.

A sigh  predicts a die.

The die ends up dry.

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We Do Not know

Up and down we go

What for we do not know?

Here and there we see

What for we do not know?

Right and left we move

What for we do not know?

Gain and  loss we make

What for we do not know?

Earn and spend we do

What for we do not know?

Good and  bad we commit

What for we do not know?

Love and  hate we relate

What for we do not know?

Soft and  sharp we speak

What for we do no know?

Kind and  cruel we pose

What for we do not know?

Smile and weep we react

What for we do not know?

Happy and sad we  be

What for we do not know?

Live and  die we  interpret

What for we do not know?