Sixty Years Memories

Living long has its own fall backs 

 that too after sixty it s a tedium

 living most of the time alone 

while the husband and wife keep staring 

there arises  a vacuum  very emphatic

and if the man  falls sick die before sixty

 the wife tends the husband

 but never could she expect that 

 if she gets ill and lies in bed.

 That being the untold verdict

 of the community  at large 

 where the male chauvinism

reigns supreme and great 

 however exhausted she be

 has  look after the chores

Getting away from this earthly being

very much before you turn sixty

 seems appropriate and wonderful

 as you are saved from illness

 and the much condemned loneliness

 I can hear the advice of many

bidding  to get involved in service 

 which again needs a healthy frame

 and a stamina sane  

which again leads to the vicious .

Die before you turn  sixty  or even ahead

as you would not be a burden to anyone

 the least to yourself.








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Nature Warns.

In the early evening I felt a shudder.

The chair rocked a while.

The table shook a second.

The building jolted  a minute.   

The head wobbled dizzy.

There was panic all over.


It was only the  day before.

It was a hot afternoon.

There was not even a breeze.

The tremor caught us unaware.

We were left gaping at the disaster.


The disaster was not heavy.

There were no casualty in the run.

There was no monetary loss in the trend. 

The people got evacuated for reasons known

The coastal area felt devastated expressing a frown.


The devastation was not physical to the core.

The scare was thoroughly profound all the more.

The apprehension was killing at the most.

The recollections were fearful foretelling a Tsunami

There was a deadly silence reminiscent of a melancholic sadness.

The desolation carried a reference of  lethal premonition.


The desolation started to overwhelm in magnitude.

The will to live was driving everyone in platitude.

Nature has its own way of signalling its motion.

It warns the people of their shortfalls.

Wittingly,we cause damage to her in our own way.

Destroying the environment morbidly.


Morbidly we throng the habitations in multitudes

Recklessly we contaminate the earth  committing destitute.

Avariciously we work on her for our benefit with self-conceit

Unmindful of her great discomfort and  terrible plight 

Patience has been her virtue for long.

Destruction has been our goal for too long.


Playing with Nature is dangerous,mind you

Kidding her virtuosity is harmful,beware.

Humiliating her is perilous,be warned.

She would suddenly break with a vengeance.

Throwing out and tearing  everything in a violence.