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Destruction—-A Painful Phenomenon

Destroy being a forceful ploy

the bringing down of buildings

the shooting of  the human

the spoil of the beauty

the devastation in all

a syndrome of the negative

found in plenty

seen in almost every strain

the destruction as it goes

seen physically as in the cases mentioned

found unseen in the stages not marked

be that of  a longitudinal effect

an oppressing move as exhibited

the tremor and the quake

the tsunami and the storm

engulf and gulp

gobble and consume

almost everything on the scene

trees, living beings and land mass

create a destruction unprecedented

that being the fury of Nature

coming  to the man made

the unmindful shoot outs

the unwanted massacre

all too gory and blood stained

cause a havoc around

making living an issue

Could that demolition by man end?

Could  the social animal behave decently?

if that could be enforced

many deaths and bloodshed

anguish and pain felt

would be dissipated  soon

the world would relish the peace

peace on earth

and goodwill towards men.

The Fire Rises.

The fire goes up
up and up it rises
bringing down the roof
burning all the furniture
going up all through the night
with the fire engines rushing
could not extinguish the flames
until everything turned to cinders
the ash lay on the arena
a scene so ghastly as ever
all that shone and glittered
a few minutes ago
now have become black and dark
with no character whatsoever
that be the power of fire.fire

How To Bring Destruction?

There be an intrusion

be it  small or simple

be it  big or complicated

it being an interference

needing not much attention

yet creates a disturbance

that be one of distribution

not one of accumulation

deranging the eternity

fragmenting the infinity

there goes a missile

not be it literally

being seen as a weapon

that throws the eternal

shatters the universal

breaks them into pieces

being the aim intended

succeeds in achieving

a victory for destruction.



A Curse From A Saddened Heart.

Referring none in life
though he may sound real
but having heard in tales
experienced it in the years
says my friend Shree in a tone sad.
She begins her narration thus
A man I know most and very well
and you might be aware of
in most or least extent
I really do not know
was a cause of great turmoil
a reason for depression
as both mind and body suffered
He,an illiterate to the core
wielding his power denoted to him
by a will of the deceased
made one cry in silence and endure
cry not he alone but his family along with him
being denied of his rightful share
not for months but for years together
The man with power filed cases in courts
paid solicitors heavily
bribed officials greatly
all from the common account
planning never to release the share
finally justice taught him
the moral and the lesson
enforcing a release by court order
But did he turn a new leaf?
Never would he as he is evil
not an embodiment or a personification
but evil, altogether an evil
still goes more and more into destruction
surely he would die not a natural death
nor his family would remain tact
He would find his end soon
with none to continue his lineage.
The story loaded with pathos and anger
came to a download (24)close with a note of danger.

Religions Speak.

in the name of religionReligions guide us through life.
Living upright is the way of life.
Speak not lies is all religion’s call.
Help the needy is their essential call.
Believe in truth is their underlying principle.
Never belie trust is every religion’s gospel.
Kind words and acts they advocate bring in harmony and peace.
Radiating cheer and happiness they prove demand no fees.
Humility and respect they insist command progression.
Authority and audacity they point out lead to destruction.
That being the basis of all religions at large.
Wherein breaks violence and unrest in a gorge?
Destroying the human race in gross.
Would people ever try to rectify the flaws?

A Boisterous Threat.

Trees were in full bloom.

Colorful  flowers were in full blossom.

Lascivious  fruits hung heavily.

Little birds chirped crisply.

Bees buzzed with a drone.

Adding  charm to the zone.


The land stands bare.

There are no trees to stare.

There are no bearer of fruits juicy.

There are no blossoms to  make  flowering  lovely.

There are no loving hosts to hold birds chatter.

There are no lively relays to deliver the bees humming with cheer. 


The ground is loaded with mortar and concrete.

Buildings go up in stylish lanky upbeat.

Displaying colors of morbid paints.

Distracting the original inhabitants.

Chasing them out of their dwellings

Disturbing the environment out of its rings.


Threats come in different forms.

Destroying everything over the norms.

Invasions are considered as heroic deeds.

Assassinations are out of  greed.

Harassment indicate a cruel impertinence.

Deforestation is  a crime beyond penance.