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Catastrophic –Fort McMurray

The fire in Fort  Mc Murray

a disaster in a way
 the fire raged high and low
 devouring what came into its flow
 the temperature  ran high
 the winds blew with a sigh
 the trees burnt in a glow
 the houses were charred in a blow
 the roofs came down
 the whole place turned a grisly brown
the evacuation could not be fast
 as the traffic got choked in a cast
 all cars went in one direction
the children clamoured in a dereliction
it was beyond human control
 the fire rages still high and bold.

The Obvious and The Virtual

The raging fire

is a big liar

mean not the real  one

but that in a subtle tone

think a little while

would come to know in style

it is the burn in the heart

both caught and bought

it burns and burns

it churns and churns

never does it  escapes through

not does it activates true

it is continuous  in a strain

limits itself not in vain

as it flares up with animosity

gathers too much velocity

ranges on a scale too high

goes up and down with a sigh

the vindictiveness bursts off

crosses through  with a tip off

strikes with a venom great

that is the  known  fate

which topples all in a speed

shatters all castes and creed

a diffidence with a deviation

an inference with an instruction

that fire is a lesser evil than the other

from the heart with all its fretterfire  virtual

The Fire Burnt All

The fire raged high

went up to the sky

the redness was bright

created a fright

it became night

the fire rose higher

it never got tired

it stood there for long

burnt  all in a wrong

that which was beautiful

turned ugly in a minute

great is the possibility

greater is the impossibility

greatest is the impetuosity

as it relates to animosity.fire

Peace Attacked

I have lots to do today
not only today but every day.
Hope you have too
Is it one or two?
Tell me without a hide
Do not take me for a ride.
I am not able to hear you clear
Do not mumble, come out without fear.
Well, that be the weakness of all
a murmur and a grumble in call.
That be the design for all of us
Why do we go about with a fuss?Peace flies
With so much to be done every day
why do we talk all day?
Talk leads to gossip in a way.
It becomes a slander in all ways.
The foul words catch fire
seize the entire
terrorism is born unknowingly
peace gets away unseemingly.