He Is A Man

Daring he went in

where the house  caught fire

without any thought he moved in

minding not the flames that raged  with ire

caring  not his life that is precious  although .


He broke open the house

locked by the parents a few minutes from now

keeping the children  inside the house

as they being working all time  for income low

both venturing out for  a short break although


The man opposite seeing the fire

rushed in and broke open the door

which would have turned to be a pyre

had he not  broke open  the door

seeing  the two children  sitting although.


Seated where the mother had placed them

scared to see the flames going high

made no noise as they saw death  around the

waiting for their mom to come after the buy

the kids frozen to death although.


He flung the door and darted in

pulled the kids and perched them on his shoulders

took a sharp turn  and ran hearing no din

at the same time came down the boulders

a miraculous escape it was although.



What an attempt  it was I stood  amazed .

What a man , my heart cries out to him

What a life for the toddlers who still are dazed

The act made me understand that people like him

still live in this world of deceit and greed. burning housealthough.




A Man Brave

Brave he be 

sporting a lively glee

causing the hearts to flutter

keeping the mind clear

he goes about with cheer

having at all  no fear

as he has done nothing wrong

so goes his  proud images (51)song

that of great deeds and valour

making him grow taller

the eyes of the people around

rise up to him for any sound

hoping that he would salvage

the down trodden being so for ages

caring for them with love

gesturing a pleasing bow

as they come to him

seeking help with a   feel grim

that gets dispelled in no time

as he responds to them expecting no dime

Good he be  all through

it is hard to believe that it is true

he being a man brave

expressing a tenderness grave

that goes with liveliness and intensity

extending a warm glow in density.


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Lady of The Mentally Robbed.

She looked brave and fearless.

Her status was great and righteous.

She volunteered to handle the tactless.

She did with all the more diligence nevertheless.


Taking care of the deranged was troublesome.

She accomplished it with a grace wholesome.

She never complained about her duty cumbersome

Rather she had to toil for nothing awesome.


Willingness  drove her to undertake the work.

Initially  her lack of experience landed her in dark.

The inmates greeted her with a loud bark.

She got accustomed like  a graceful  lark.


As years rolled she became familiar with her job.

She was a genuine aid not a snob.

She created among the deranged a meaningful throb.

No wonder, she was hailed as the “lady of the mentally robbed”