Serve it hot you may.
Serve it cold you may
Serve it with love you should
Serving such way you could
do service being very


The Concise And Precise.

She being concise in whatever she did

being  precise  and  bearing concise and attitude

things went on well as prescribed

while people showed their gratitude

as she went about rendering service  great

helping others when in need and with great faith

her softness and less speech got misconstrued

people branding her as a  person proud

calling her  as one who walks with nose in air

the reward she gets for doing good to others

ends up in meaningless gibber and insensible gossip.

Unfettered by all these clauses and clasps

she passes on her service to those who require

that being her support to society in good faith

not thinking of the appreciation or admiration

which she would never get however true she might be.

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Lady of The Mentally Robbed.

She looked brave and fearless.

Her status was great and righteous.

She volunteered to handle the tactless.

She did with all the more diligence nevertheless.


Taking care of the deranged was troublesome.

She accomplished it with a grace wholesome.

She never complained about her duty cumbersome

Rather she had to toil for nothing awesome.


Willingness  drove her to undertake the work.

Initially  her lack of experience landed her in dark.

The inmates greeted her with a loud bark.

She got accustomed like  a graceful  lark.


As years rolled she became familiar with her job.

She was a genuine aid not a snob.

She created among the deranged a meaningful throb.

No wonder, she was hailed as the “lady of the mentally robbed”

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Applications Modern.

Writing has taken a form different,

As  scripts are not done by hands,

Reading has assumed a mode different,

As books  are  in e format,

Calculating  is done by a method different,

As calculators do the   mathematical procedure,

Talking is  by an application different,

As the software applicationsallow voice calls,

Finding routes   is by a system different,

As the GPRS tracks the destination,

Heating is  accomplished by a conduction different,

As microwave  adopt dielectric heating,

Washing is carried by a process different,

As separate machine washes laundry and dish,

Opening  doors is worked out by ways different,

As hydraulic fluid is used to operate the movement.

All these create an ease and comfort different,

 By making the use of mind and brain indifferent,

Both forget their  significance  affront,

As they tend to lose their value inherent,

Subduing them as a mere  puppet ,

In the hands of the modern gadget.