Poetry thoughts

The Good Old Days.

A lady of yesterday

dignified and stately

a lady of today

casual and smart

be a lot of difference

a distinct decorum

seen in the  yesteryears

a let go attitude

found in the recent

attribute it  to the time

be that of the years

more so of the generation

a wide mouthed chasm

penetrates through the prism

Do you  hear a sigh near

could it be afar

nay very much from me

mumbling to myselfyesteryearsrecent

Oh! the good old days.



Poetry thoughts

The One So Excellent.

Unfathomable as the ocean

deep and intense  in thoughts

she brooks no erosion

she being taught

the value of life  in all

she being disciplined as well

not to speak  ill nor lies  tall

the words she lets out in few

carry a significance great in due

a lady with an ingenuity in focus

dignified she walks in status

the one whom I admire from a distance

being one who commands high reverence

could she be noted as one of distinct reference.







active Poetry ripe tradition

An Outdated Woman

The tradition I like

be it in food

be it in attire

like to wear and eat

the age old

might look out of date

know not why I am so?

blame my mother for it

could be the family background

brought up with a restriction

nay not restriction

could be  the discipline

the strictness and the outlook

instilled in me from childhood

being active even now

at the ripe age

what is taught at your initial years

shapes  you  into what you are today lady50s (1)


A Lady Of Charm.

Having been absent for long
she feels different in all
she could do nothing wrong
she is away from the throng.

Her presence is a welcome
she comes like a song melodious
her skill could source an income
her liveliness relieves the strenuous.

Quiet she was in all her actions
smart she was at the same time
measured she was in her interactions
focused she was at the same time.

That being her style of life
her moves are same in her attitude
placid and plausible in her strive
she is full of gratitude.

happily India Poetry

Come To My Land.

Come to my  land

go with a band

fold the hands

take  an elegant stand

look not bland

show up grand

create your brand

live happily amidst all  Indian lady

that be your life in all

as you slowly diffuse into sand.


The Lack Lustre.

Weird and worn out  in the shapeTimes-Square-Huddled-Masses2014-02-02-at-4.14.28-PMape

looks like a haggard  in form

the great city of New York

lacks the lustre it henceforth

the impetuosity is lost

the statehood never found

What would that be?

it is a but a sad tale to tell

like a woman aging  in course

makes up her face  in a choice

draws her eyes with care

creases the wrinkles all fair

pays attention to the eyebrows

dyes her hair  hiding the grey locks

conceals the blemish with  creams

goes on the make do’s for hours

yet the basics remain the same

while with a few hours shine

the artificial dies through

exhibiting the original

so much more this Famed city

has withered with years

as it bursts open  slowly

exposing  the innermost ugliness

depicted well on the interior

surfacing on  to the exterior

the wrinkles ironed out  smoothly

appear more prominent than before

same way as in aspects distinct

the land once glorious and exalted

now is pale and beaten to the core

not a picture of beauty any more

only a portrait of a  wretched existence

far away from progress and thrive


The Lady I Admire.

 The heart turns  heavy 

the head revolves in a kind

 tears flow down freely

 as news of death came at noon

a woman of great strength 

stored everything in mind

 no word drops out  in  a hurry 

that be her forte 

 lived so long so

 with tempers under control

 spoke a few times when necessary

 silence most of the period  

 a lady of great capability 

 not on to university 

  a scholar by experience

 sober and sullen she lived

 quiet and dignified  she passed away

 this day  of the month at early morn

 daughters all around her in togetherness

 hope her mandate would  go down

 to her progeny without a break

would funeral raise her flag with pride

 though  her breath has sunk down

her spirit lives all around

 a kindly light has taken its flight

 God be with her always!




The Dumb Doll

I know a sincere woman
so kind and loving
devoted to her husband
doted on her children
was held not with pride by him
treated with a slightest care
thought her to be innocent
more like a dumb doll
paid no attention to her wish
while she to restorethe husband’s health
borrowed heavily in silence
repaid every pie doing handwork
did a mistake by not procuring
the promissory note from the borrower
who black mailed her at times
finally the husband came to know
reprimanded her without mercy
bade her to walk out in the night
as all good things happen late
the borrower changed his mind suddenly
gave back the note to her
the husband calmed down
the woman by now had become suave
she bid adieu and walked out straight
into the open big world
to find herself born again
the dumb doll became a clever lady.dumb doll


Wealth of Billions.

It is too much cries she
her face turns red with anger
She is busy like a bee
never once enters into a slander.

Her foes and friends alike
talk about her in length
describe her as a person unlike
portray her as a woman of no strength.

She is lady of authority
stern and disciplined
speaks sense and is positive
reserved and independent.

Her demeanour misleads many
as they find her impossible
she pays attention to details tiny
she is a character all forcible.

She does not aligns with anyone for benefits
if for a cause she be the first
plunging head and soul in an implicit
goes about with an unsaturated thirst.

Women of such calibre are rare
they are found one in a million
yet she could not escape the glare
as she commands a wealth of billions.grantham_downton_abbey


The Wretched Lady

She calls me now and then over phone
brief she would talk at times
lengthy she would go most times
talking of events of past
telling of details present
all with precision abrupt.

She expects a listening patient
traces our distraction
offended she becomes at this juncture
shoots a retort in the quick
closes down the phone in anger
an act of rashness all the more.

She lives away from all friends and relatives
most do not wish to communicate with her
for fear of behaviour harsh
as she goes on with fiery swear and curse
breaking into sobs and cries loud
wretched she seems to be then.

Unless she mends her ways
none would renew stress-cartoonthe ties
her tempers always on the rise
unpredictable and scary
force even the closest to run away
poor lady she has to start anew.