Wealth of Billions.

It is too much cries she
her face turns red with anger
She is busy like a bee
never once enters into a slander.

Her foes and friends alike
talk about her in length
describe her as a person unlike
portray her as a woman of no strength.

She is lady of authority
stern and disciplined
speaks sense and is positive
reserved and independent.

Her demeanour misleads many
as they find her impossible
she pays attention to details tiny
she is a character all forcible.

She does not aligns with anyone for benefits
if for a cause she be the first
plunging head and soul in an implicit
goes about with an unsaturated thirst.

Women of such calibre are rare
they are found one in a million
yet she could not escape the glare
as she commands a wealth of billions.grantham_downton_abbey

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