Wealth of Billions.

It is too much cries she
her face turns red with anger
She is busy like a bee
never once enters into a slander.

Her foes and friends alike
talk about her in length
describe her as a person unlike
portray her as a woman of no strength.

She is lady of authority
stern and disciplined
speaks sense and is positive
reserved and independent.

Her demeanour misleads many
as they find her impossible
she pays attention to details tiny
she is a character all forcible.

She does not aligns with anyone for benefits
if for a cause she be the first
plunging head and soul in an implicit
goes about with an unsaturated thirst.

Women of such calibre are rare
they are found one in a million
yet she could not escape the glare
as she commands a wealth of billions.grantham_downton_abbey


The Money Changes

Money makes one wealthy
it makes one prosperous
taking the person to heights imperious
while people go around him merrily.

The money plays a role
creating a halo around the head
that shines magnificently  at all poles
lending a brightness  similar to a tone red.

With red we come to  an alert
telling that money  gives an authority
more of a great excellence and a  curt
that releases a head strong audacity.

The red also go to signify a  corrupt
that of  a rare distinctive curb
thinking money could buy without disrupt
posting an indecent blurb.

The power that money bestows on the haves
has made out of them a destructive  trash
behaving most callously and indomitably harsh
that way it shatters the harmony of the earth in a flash.


Actions concept Experience Interpretation Message Prayer.

The Content Of Prayer.

Heard a chant round the corner.
It was a long prayer
seeking the blessings of the almighty
with a fervent piety.
Lot more than that came after in a sequence
with unbelievable reference.
It sought wealth with prosperity altogether.
unknowing that they come together.
It asked for enormous authority and power
so as to revel in splendour.
Not stopping at this level it went ahead
with a list instead.
That included other pleas private
which called for a concern considerate.
While leaving the corner thought of
Is that all prayer is made of?

prayer requests

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Religions Speak.

in the name of religionReligions guide us through life.
Living upright is the way of life.
Speak not lies is all religion’s call.
Help the needy is their essential call.
Believe in truth is their underlying principle.
Never belie trust is every religion’s gospel.
Kind words and acts they advocate bring in harmony and peace.
Radiating cheer and happiness they prove demand no fees.
Humility and respect they insist command progression.
Authority and audacity they point out lead to destruction.
That being the basis of all religions at large.
Wherein breaks violence and unrest in a gorge?
Destroying the human race in gross.
Would people ever try to rectify the flaws?

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Algis Are Like that.

He is close to the family,

Talks high in front,

Talks ill at the back,

Well, he is like that.


He enjoys all comforts to the dot

Makes use of all facilities to the core

Speaks as though he is not cared,

Well, he is like that.


He expects the best of all,

Grabs the most expensive,

Then speaks irreverently,

Well, he is like that.


He never gives back,

He comes empty-handed,

Boasts of his helping nature,

Well, he is like that.


He never spends a pie,

He lives on other’s magnanimity,

Proposes an empty toast,

Well, he is like that.


His wife also sails in the same boat,

Commands all others with authority,

Faces disobedience  at home,

Well, she is like that.


She is extremely sharp-tongued,

Waxes eloquently and bosses others,

Thrown aside by her own daughter -in -law,

Well, she is like that.


The couple is none other than Algis,

They jointly appear for all occasions,

 Their  presence is  disdained by all,

Well,  Algis are like that.





Actions Creation Nature Transitory Wisdom

It Is Transitory

Leaves bloom in a lovely green hue,

Thick and dense in a clasping cue,

Spreading a canopy of shade ,

Providing a glittering like jade,

Only to fall in days few.



The rain fed rivers flow gently,

Through the pebbles and moss gracefully,

Carrying with them  alluvial soil  across

Enriching the fields as they cross,

Only to get into the ocean mildly.



Man lives with pomp and merry,

Arrogant and towering over all in glory,

Dictating terms to everyone with  serpentine authority,

Destroying one and all with diabolical  impetuosity

Only to get interred in dust shortly

It is as explicit as ever,

That which is born cannot live forever,

That which takes place will   fade

Be it beautiful or ugly,good or bad,

All would drop down in  a wither.