Time Flies.

Times go in chimes
with a rhyme
The past being yesterday
becomes the present today
which turns to future tomorrow.
As days run fast
that happened goes past
that is happening will not last
that is going to happen will be cast.
The impermanence thus gets confirmed
In that transit there takes place eventsimages (76) unconfirmed
Delivering emotions of relish and anger considerate
leading to great distractions inconsiderate.

Actions concept Experience Interpretation Message Prayer.

The Content Of Prayer.

Heard a chant round the corner.
It was a long prayer
seeking the blessings of the almighty
with a fervent piety.
Lot more than that came after in a sequence
with unbelievable reference.
It sought wealth with prosperity altogether.
unknowing that they come together.
It asked for enormous authority and power
so as to revel in splendour.
Not stopping at this level it went ahead
with a list instead.
That included other pleas private
which called for a concern considerate.
While leaving the corner thought of
Is that all prayer is made of?

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