One at a Time.

One at a time

called the teacher

none  did listen

went on in a chorus.


One at a time

called the  teacher again

none paid attention

being  a boisterous  lot.


One at a time

called the teacher finally

a  missed call however

none did obey her.


So are the teachers looked upon

shout they as much as they can

not be effective  in the round

create not a stir among their ward.









Great Be The Time.

Great be the time

loud be the chime

keep on the mime

have to earn a dime

with your rhymes

that be the prime

put you in the light lime .



effort phase phrase Poetry weird.

Time And Again

Time and again is a phrase

uttered in a phase

seems to be a loathe

wrapped up in  a clothe

a usage with a soreness

a deploy with no freshness

time and again we say

the same happening  goes

without much difference in rows

we  shirk with a dissatisfaction

not to involve in such  action

seems like a weird effort

time and again is a fret.time and again

Poetry test


Time is best

a factor without any rest

puts us to test.time to test.


A Verse.

A verse great
does not have a rate
commends beyond date.verse


The Haemorrhage.

The allegations at an age
the criticism at a period
the attack at a time
when the spirits are down
cause a havoc unbearable.

Never have seen smooth sail
Never have experienced a flow
Never have heard a kind word
all through the days hay and old.

The scathe and scorn in volumes
scrap the heart of its tenderness
the sore is so ulcerative
it bleeds internally copiously.

The haemorrhage accounts for a stumble
a withdrawal from the kith and kin
might be also from the child too
as it clogs and tarnishes the feel.

The cast away from society at large
the pull away from the near and dear
makes one find solace in the lifeless
that of read and write in design.lonely_leaf_left_alone

The words pop out with animation
laugh and talk with cheer
console with a smothering rhythm
care with cordial solicitation.


Travel Symbolic

It being a long road
Very wide and broad
With nothing in between
No town or village seen
Going through it is an experience
Relieving the feelings tense
The length being not certain
The travel seems to have no pattern
With no place to stop over and rest
The drive grants a lively testtravel
The endurance works to a maximum
With the exhaustion making one dumb
The long journey does not seem to end
Lending a parallel to the life’s bend
That of going through the ordeals with belief
Hoping to come out with a blissful relief.
Well, the travel this way by a drive straight
Symbolically illustrates the life’s sail too, right!


Discerning A Man

It is cynical
letting all to rot
not paying attention
not acting fast.

It seems whimsical too
that of great labour
mostly unwanted
sourcing the legal.

The legality is there
to find solution
how far could it be?
how quick would it do?

The time elapses
the interest wanes
the solution is discerningnot found
issues go out of hand.

The man keeps talking
saying he would retrieve
what is he going to?
no one knows.


Bringing Up Children

bringing up children

Spend more time with your children

that would be for a promise

looking after them with care

would prove to be a bliss.

Spend time not money on them

as the attention you devote necessarily

hastens in a great progress definitely

that would be an achievement in the float.

Spending money on them and on their wish

could lead them to a growth phenomenal

being like a cat on the wall watching deliberately

aiming on a rise or a slip into a fall.

The extravaganza you put forth

putting them in expensive boarding schools

pulls them off from you two-fold

creating a distance in proximity and affection.

Pampering them with largess in all

Settling them in comforts in full

reposes them in a faith untoward

they not knowing the reality in an entertain.

That be the way to bring up children

monitoring them closely yet away

being not an expense too much nor too little

a balanced juxtaposition that would delight.


Time Factor

Time they say
being the essence
that being great
that being important
with a punctuality
going by the reliability
enhancing the effect
diminishing in the track
an exaltation of the validity
an enumeration of the benefits
there being a course not one of fun
but being a source of undaunted rehearsal.