Time Factor

Time they say
being the essence
that being great
that being important
with a punctuality
going by the reliability
enhancing the effect
diminishing in the track
an exaltation of the validity
an enumeration of the benefits
there being a course not one of fun
but being a source of undaunted rehearsal.


The Magnificence Exulted.

Seeing the rains after a long time
was an experience of thrill and excitement.
The rains usually catch my attention
but today after a spell of dry indictment
their full mandate was an enumeration
of joy and fun all at the same time
with a sense of fulfillment.

The rains came not with a big bang.
They came with a silence and modesty.
appearing to lend little enchantment
But suddenly they picked up force
pouring in full swing drenching all around.
Accompanied by thunder and lightning
they fell down heavily over terraces.

The whole area looked fresh and clean
being washed and flushed off dust
that lay long on the trees and leaves
that stuck to the buildings and houses
Looking anew the green leaves became greener
the trees looked gleaming and lovely
Well, it was greener great magnificence in rich text.