A Day Of Travel.

It is been a day of travel

road and air in all

hours together nonstop

a climb and a get down on top

an embark and a  disembark

all in a day’s arc

a trial happens all through

once in a month being a due

cannot avoid being a place of business

well, it has become a routine in a sense

need I to undertake to keep my pot boil

have to put an extra  efforts of toil

that being the turn of events in the years recent

I ply  up and down to live in a way decent.


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A Travel Turns Travail

It is a travel

could be a travail

a hop up and a hop down

could raise a frown

the to and fro is a necessity

could create an intensity

it is an ardent fervour

could be to win over

it is almost done

could be not a fun

it is a struggle  in the slot

could be a grafted  plot

it is avarice and deceit

could be one of conceit

would I accomplish the task ?

could be one of an turns a travail


Poetry travel

Travel Less known

I see a sheep

timid and tired

with it a goat

foolish and blurred

led by a herdsman

fragile and frightened

cross through the land

bumpy and rugged

the weather is cold

snowy with a blizzard

all three walk ahead

stuttering and scared

all in a way the sheep cries

the goat chuckles and mutters

the man whistles and guffaws

the group goes past

the hill in great spirit

sheep and goat.being a travel less known.


A Fly Back.

A marathon it was

travel so tedious as all that

a night on the other end

a morning in the mid way

dusk finds you at the farthest side

a real twenty-four hours so quick

a full turn around the world

never could you believe

have to wind the watch

not once but thrice

saw the dark stillness twice

all in a day it happened

being a fly back back home.


The Visa

A day it was  yesterday

 full of events  in a way

 an interview  for  visa to travel

a non immigrant  stamp on the 

done with effective conduct 

in a no-nonsense deduct 

with some questions simple 

the time to get over 

 was not altogether 

 an hour or more 

 but only a few minutes 

 yet the wait for an appointment 

 attached with it  the rules and regulations 

 was tense and  proved  a little anxious 

while  the anticipation after  the viva

 was one of a dilemma  

 concerned not of the approval

 the period to process  and deliver

  the important document  as such

 submitted  to authorities  for perusal

that of a passport    of great validity 

 an identity as well as an asset

 a  token to travel in and out 

 in the form of a  small book

 with  dates of issue and expiry 

 a number with an initial

 say A 123456

along with the place of issue 

 and the country of origin

all to be memorized .

A significant  copy it is 

 once lost dooms you for eternity 

 the  application and the compiling 

 takes long days to work out 

with the authorities busy all time 

  Not risky to visa application lose your name 

 or might forget it for a while 

 never the passport anymore.












Travel Ahead.

Have to cross the borders

 to travel in order

 to see my children 

who live in different regions.

travel plans

The joy of visiting them

 turns into glum

 the long hours of  flight 

is in itself  not blight.


Three hours over the sky

 is  plausibly a pleasurable drive

 anything more is apprehensive

transforms into  repulsive .


No  country is so near  as that 

most lie far away  in state 

 a full day or more into the clouds

makes one  resist travel aloud.


The thought  of a day and more 

confines one to a no more 

as the age advances every year 

travel does not hold any cheer.





A Long Time Absentee

A long time absentee
been on a travelling spree
away from home for a duration
writing though with a passion
not many in the row as usual
penning a few in casual
picturing what I saw along
sometimes with a belong
other times scribbling a verse
without much attachmeabsenteent fierce
spent most of the hours seeing
land, people, and culture in a swing
an experience absolute and exact
that worked on my feelings intact
a great break from the routine as well
far away from the place I dwell
an ecstatic moment in the perception
a lovely feast to the eyes sans deception.


Travel Symbolic

It being a long road
Very wide and broad
With nothing in between
No town or village seen
Going through it is an experience
Relieving the feelings tense
The length being not certain
The travel seems to have no pattern
With no place to stop over and rest
The drive grants a lively testtravel
The endurance works to a maximum
With the exhaustion making one dumb
The long journey does not seem to end
Lending a parallel to the life’s bend
That of going through the ordeals with belief
Hoping to come out with a blissful relief.
Well, the travel this way by a drive straight
Symbolically illustrates the life’s sail too, right!


Travel In Leads.

Travelling may be many

by mind and by body

whichever suits you well

go by the facility

one  labouring the mind

the other exhausting the body

To be frank and straight

any travel is an exercise

requiring tenacity and will

a slight back out

would entrench you in a pool  rigorous travel

landing you in trouble  serious

causing a feverish mind

and a strained physique

Careful you  be

never take travel lightly

It would show up  in brands

great and grave

carrying strands

intricate and  entangled.




The High Way Drive

The roads I take are highways
long and straight with no face.
It is drive, a drive to the end
faster and safer without bends.
Paying tolls at every town’s entry
passing through the tolls sentry
reaching the destination well ahead
as we not drive but fly instead.

All being well with great advance
there is most missing the chance
no lively being crosses the way
nothing interrupts the fray
as buildings and houses seen in roads
with hoardings and huge The highwaysignboards
lending a touch of reality and recognition
a sight-seeing like activity without friction.

The hurry which is involved in the driving
makes one despise the very act of travelling
The monotony that gets in the run
robs the feeling of pleasure and fun
Driving straight through the highway
noticing only cars that go in the same way
tends to be stressful and exhausting
Well, I feel that the older way is most interesting.