The Cow and The Goat.

Domesticated animals
cow, and goat
pay you with no offence
docile and cordial
they are all times.

Hindus worship the cow
as Goddess Lakshmi
The goat is offered as a sacrifice
to appease God.

A perception amazing
at the same time awesome
the cow is hailed
as Goddess of wealth
the goat is killed
deemed as a sacrifice


The Perception

The  perception of each

could lead to a breach

one takes the best

the other the worst

all lies in the mind

not too much in the find

the revelation   significant

might turn insignificant

it is the time that counts

one hour  in the round

the perspective becomes invalid

give a gap to the whole thought

a finality would be sought

ignore the  thoughts adverse

they would certainly reverse

go in a positive line

you would end up fine.






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The Birth Control

The chickens so tiny and small
go behind their mom
a retinue on the move
so wonderful to look at
the counts one, two and three
reach in no time the two digit
a scope for human perception
who curtail giving births
scary of the natal care
afraid of the educational expense
dress, food, comforts pertaining to the children
the restriction has its own merit
as the inflation runs riot
the good fat hen walks past with pBirth controlride
while her brood trots along with a please
she knows not of any hardships ever so
it is a pleasure to have a large family
well that is all for her at the moment
with that she roams with immense happiness


A Long Time Absentee

A long time absentee
been on a travelling spree
away from home for a duration
writing though with a passion
not many in the row as usual
penning a few in casual
picturing what I saw along
sometimes with a belong
other times scribbling a verse
without much attachmeabsenteent fierce
spent most of the hours seeing
land, people, and culture in a swing
an experience absolute and exact
that worked on my feelings intact
a great break from the routine as well
far away from the place I dwell
an ecstatic moment in the perception
a lovely feast to the eyes sans deception.


Off The Mark

Off the Mark

Small issues become big
mole hills turn into mountains
fatigue causes illness
a sense of sensibility.

It is the thought that does
a harm or a caress
an injury or a smother
a call for riddance or an involvement.

The perception in life
differs from person to person
one sails in the lighter sense
the other flies with a burden.

The concern expresses importance
the actual experience is not a matter
the way one approaches the issue
marks the difference in the outcome

A take it easy attitude
goes a long stretch undisturbed
a worried frantic move
renders a strangulation .

Off the mark with wholeheartedness
get set and go clothed by an inspiration
propels a jolly go ride with great speed
be it in a slope steep or tract plain.
off the mark


A Meaningful Lifestyle

The way you live.
the way you think.
are in proportion.

The attitude goes a long way
The attitude tries to fix in a way
is an adjustment in the stride.

The perception too is important
The perception owes not a distraction
being an impression of the reality

The perception and the attitude
might sound one and the same
differ much in real version.

The attitude is an orientation of the mind
The perception is an interpretation of the senses
an abstract over the physical.

The nuance of life depends on these
one over the other all the same
a meaningful lifestyle on the go.


Actions Beauty Inspiration motivation

The Best Motivator.

Motivation is a hot topic nowadays.
Speakers talk about it all through the day.
Cast a glance around over the meadows
you find cows loitering behind their shadows
Grazing through the grass in a nonchalant mood
they propose a let go attitude all for the good.
Take another look on the lush green grass
where a flock of sparrows are exploring the trash.
They peck and pick big and small worms in scores.
Further down the lane getting into the urban
track the crows that fly around the dust bin
diligently collecting material out with a din.
You could see many more motivational illustrations
once you view nature with the right perception.


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A Carton in the Court Hall.

cartonA lawyer wheeled a carton in the court hall.
Beaming with pride he posed tall.
Up and down he went with a smiling call.
His clients were moving here and there like a ball.

The carton was huge and catchy.
It was fastened rather tightly.
What was inside? was everybody’s curiosity
Did it contain treasures of precious quality?

It was gently lifted up the stairs.
It caused the gathering to a stubborn stare.
The clients carried it up with an utmost care.
Was there tonnes of gold or gems rare?

The trio pushed it to the judge’s chamber.
Heaving a sigh sat down in a slumber.
They spoke in subdued tone about the number.
Was there any high risky documents in danger?

The judge walked in with a lively style.
Adjusting his glasses read out from the file.
Put forth the salient issues without a guile.
Called the parties to deliberate on them for a while.

The lawyer opened the carton in speed.
What would come out? was everyone’s thought indeed !
Took out the account books to read.
The judge paid the least heed.

The mediation was simple and issue based.
The trio’s expectation was razed.
Knowing not how to handle they stayed embarrassed.
Their upstart behaviour was defaced.

Back again they wheeled the carton to the landing.
Bitten by ignominy they made haste through the standing.
Hurriedly they pushed it into the porch with an irked feeling.
The carton played a role amusingly debasing.

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Deficits Many

The deficit which is talked  with firm measurement, which is addressed with grea t attention , which is followed with much curiosity, and which finally aims to clench the hot spot of the arena is the financial discrepency.

Finance plays a vital role in this materialistic world.  Most feel that finance is the be end of  the entire discretions. But , it is not so .Finance , is a trivial echo of the assigned portfolios of man.The money, we earn, is to be utilised ,for the welfare of the family in particular and for the uplift of the society in general.The deficit ,we experience,will surely land us in unthinkable trouble. The existence will become difficult. This suppressing tension will lead to mental spasm. The insecurity which arise  will affect the mind. The  complex developed will assume gigantic proortions , once the  tighteness inthe resources arrives at a determintal level.

The restlesness of the mind  is so oppressing that the physic gets waned. The exhaustion numbs the mobilty.The strained  physic makes  a detiorarating stance. .The illness that afflicts the body plays havoc  rendering it a bag of bones ,capable of doing nothing.

The financial instabilty ,if taken seriously ,brings about a cyclic reaction ,as seen above. The alluring deviation of material abundance should not cross the human existence. This ups and downs in prosperity , is but a normal occurrence , as we perceive dawn and dusk. A too much attachment to worldly pleasures , turns life unworthy. It derides the quality of living. It throws out of proportion the beauty of life.

A detached equanamity  towards material pursuits will enhance the essence of life. Care and caution are to be enforced to monitor wealth. But that should not become an obsession. There are other distinctions that have high value. The formidable revenue ,we get from life is not material wealth but an overallgrowth of personality . The showcase of richness is not money , but the physical wellness and mental contentment. Happiness does not come in pounds and dollars , but in the outlook and perception, in elegance and style, in approach and advance..