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The Birth Control

The chickens so tiny and small
go behind their mom
a retinue on the move
so wonderful to look at
the counts one, two and three
reach in no time the two digit
a scope for human perception
who curtail giving births
scary of the natal care
afraid of the educational expense
dress, food, comforts pertaining to the children
the restriction has its own merit
as the inflation runs riot
the good fat hen walks past with pBirth controlride
while her brood trots along with a please
she knows not of any hardships ever so
it is a pleasure to have a large family
well that is all for her at the moment
with that she roams with immense happiness

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The Glare In A Shadow.

The hot afternoon

the sun makes one swoon

a glare through the window

enters suddenly like a shadow

the gleam is so bright

the shadow grows to a height

it expands vertically

not anyway horizontally

hops  into the area  lightly

walks through unobtrusively

followed its move scrupulously

could never keep track regularly

it crossed and  turned  now and then

tiptoed  up and down shadow human

all in an abrupt silence

fear kept me in abeyance

I stood there for long

know not how long

with eyes wide open in a faze

I was locked in an unexplainable daze


The Beginning and End.

The beginning of the day

marked with cheer and rigour

ends up in the evening

with a serene  feel and tired mind.


Every beginning starts with mirth

concluding with a misty exhaustion.

The wear and tear throughout

sucks our energy and liveliness .


The day is not exclusive

it being found in human experience too

with the youth  are always thriving

the  aged mostly  fall into decreasing strive.


The years of toil and experience

grant a wisdom and sobriety

they too greatly bring in

a fatigue and lethargy.


The sparkle and shine gradually fade

leaving a care and share in the go

lit with an overwhelming concern

accompanied by a consideration .


This is the way everything goes

that be of day and human

could that be to animals and trees

also found in culture tumblr_mdr6b4KBp21qj6q5yo1_1280 and civilization






Diversities Cheer.

Diversities  are found everywhere

No two Ethnic_cheer are alike

there be a difference

that keep us awake.


The land forms are distinctive

with mountains and plains

with slopes and hillocks

with valleys and bends.


The  water mass varies

with oceans and rivers

with streams and ponds

with waterfalls and  lakes .


The human race too falls into the cue

with colour  and features

with the  speech and behaviour

with movements and manner.


The language also goes with them

each one speaking different

diction and pronunciation go beyond

usage and process go within.


Seasons are no way behind

with sun and rain

with cold and hot

with the variations going fast.


Diversities keep us in the run

as monotony would lend a boredom

seeing the same old thing again

sends us into the steam.






Living On A Tree

Living on a tree
looking from high
see the world down
with men going up and down
know not where theyliving on a tree go
as there is always a thoroughfare
I see with awe
at the frenzy with which they walk
as is someone is behind them
chasing them with a stick
their face all seemingly worried
thinking of something that they have missed
I see all these from a height
feeling much for the human
who have lost all happiness
pursuing the mundane


That Way Would it Be?

The rustling leaves call me

the lashing rains hail me

the fierce wind carry me

the burning sun tan me

the human scorn kills me.

That way we be inhuman

that way the inanimate be human human_scorn_by_thestarfirephoenix-d5qziap


A few Bad Human.

Most human are good
but few are bad
enough to spoil
sufficient to destroy
even willing to annihilate.
The few would be enough
to bring misfortune to all
with their dire actions
terrific blows and hatred
striking vengeance and spilling venom.
These few create an outbreak
maligning all to a casualty
forcing a destruction and destroy
making life unpleasant
and rendering a regular download (3)threat
disturbing the ambience
and making the world unfit to live.

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The Style.

It is a style of living.

It is a lively visualizing.

It tells a lot of the being.

It is an honorable cruising.


The style gives a count.

It writes up an account.

Tells us about the deals paramount.

That adds up to the surmount.


The style  reveals the person’s  identity.

It portrays the scope of his  individuality. 

It measures the scale of his  virtuosity.

It discerns his  nature with an assiduity.


It is the style that makes a man.

It is the style that calls him a gentleman.

It is the style that hails him  a good human.

It is the style that makes him a creditable man.