Living On A Tree

Living on a tree
looking from high
see the world down
with men going up and down
know not where theyliving on a tree go
as there is always a thoroughfare
I see with awe
at the frenzy with which they walk
as is someone is behind them
chasing them with a stick
their face all seemingly worried
thinking of something that they have missed
I see all these from a height
feeling much for the human
who have lost all happiness
pursuing the mundane


Seeing People Off

Seeing people off

takes a terrible move off

some cry when they depart

others look frigid when they part

the heaviness gets on the heart

however brave one might be in short

the attachment gets significant

with the pangs attaining a resilient

the moment of parting  arrives

bringing with it a derive

that takes a feeling out of us

mostly pending  with passions plus

such that we go about with a sadness

which crushes the madness

that aims  at a never parting reference

but have to get away due to circumstance.seeing people off





Being Called Ignorant

With a knock here and a knock there
the door opens ajar.
The doors are made of best teak
with all brass latches and hinges
Yet they do not satisfy the norms feels he.

A kind of acceptance is my strength.
Seeing the best and ignoring the worst
has been my attitude for a period long.
Well that had and has helped me in the prolong
making things dull look bright.

it is in the vision and the seeing ability
that goes on in the making with relevance.
With that resignation I accept things in life
and clinch the deals in my ventures.
They being not voluminous but of fine quality.

People may call me an ignorant imbecile.
as I had let go all the pretty things due to me
I did so with a smile while my heart bled.
Conquering the heart I came out with a victory
deciding not to think of the bygones.

So with the title of an ignorant fool
I go about in this world of shrewd
as a person who knows nothing
as an entity who could be easily cheated.
If that be my fate I raise no objection.