The Cow and The Goat.

Domesticated animals
cow, and goat
pay you with no offence
docile and cordial
they are all times.

Hindus worship the cow
as Goddess Lakshmi
The goat is offered as a sacrifice
to appease God.

A perception amazing
at the same time awesome
the cow is hailed
as Goddess of wealth
the goat is killed
deemed as a sacrifice

Poetry thoughts

Remarkable as They Are

The fathomless ocean flows silent

the huge mountains remain still

the elaborate sky is sullen

the  entire land appears quiet .


The small pond besides flows in ripples

the tiny hillocks never remain noiseless

the tiny stars  create  a sensational twinkle

the piece of land called cities indulge in a commotion.


Could we not see the distinctions as such?

the massiveness retains a sobriety

preserves a dignity  and an effusive stoicism

a realization of being great and grand as much .


Could we not feel the  awesomeness as such?

the passive watchfulness of one so high

compared to the  noise of the small timers

a meaningless jibber  jabber incoherent as such.


The sullenness of the great is prudence

their thoughts being sublime as all

those of which make noise  bear no wisdom

being one of an empty vessel in reference.fathomless_by_kittygrade-d5cgt2o



The Wonder Ware

It is a limited edition say some with pride
having software development restricted resources and purely educational
That being so goes on the softwares many and many more
with forms and methods different and varied
but the fundamentals being the same, very similar.
The technology fares well making leaps and bounds
making money in millions and billions
with a soft ware that goes loud
buzzing through land and sea
crossing the bridges and mountains
with technologists flying all over the world
updating and processing the business
outsourcing the work load to a place
where cheap and resourceful man power is found.
The world thinks fast and moves fast in a pace
giving no time to sleep and breathe
while it is night in one place
the operations go on from a venue remote and far
answered by people with pseudo names in a most cordial tone
saying sweetly “May I help you”

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A Toxic Ingenuity.

Left in a torrential outpouring.

It was not literally raining.

It was an abstract kindling.

Leaving an uneasy steering.

Unfurling a static feeling.

Creating a sensation inundating.

Fostering a lusterless shimmering.

Oh! it was a situation annihilating.

A destitution  was set in a fumbling.

A desperation settled in a quickening.

The forehead strained into a narrowing.

The eyes were profoundly welling.

The nose was quickly twitching.

The mouth was angrily  snorting.

The cheeks were fiercely burning.

The scenario was one overturning.

The good lost their sensible thriving.

The bad gained a plausible living.

Initiating a contradictory resolving.

The world revolves in a fleecing.

The genuine go about in a silent enlivening.

The cheats get along with a merriment enhancing.

There is nothing else truly amazing.




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The Distinctions Of Full

Full has a lovely gloss.

 So it is always a full toss.

Full leads across.

As it shows up in gross.


The flowers enchant  in full bloom.

They  instantly dispel gloom.

They look beautiful in a zoom.

Activating a fertile  boom.


The nightingale sings in full-throated ease.

Releasing melody from the cluster of trees.

The voice glides through as if it is a breeze.

Capturing everyone with a solemn appease.


The full moon shines bright over the night.

Illuminating the darkness with a white light.

The full moon in the black sky  is a glorious sight.

Enticing all with a charm bright.


Full size of anything is  amazing.

The fullness is  at times alarming.

Letting a feeling that is terrifying.

Endearing a crazy note  that is  mystifying.










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A Dance In France.

It was in France.

I saw a dance.

It depicted a romance.

It was a delightful stance.

It was a sprightly advance.

It instigated a trance.


The episodes were enhancing.

The movements were scintillating.

The music was capturing.

The presentation was engulfing.

On the whole it was vivaciously charming.


Round and round the danseuse moved in a whirl.

Round and round the music filled in a swirl.

Round and round the expressions gathered in a curl.

Round and round the scenes changed in a furl.

Round and round the drummers beat in a hurl.


It was a recital very engaging.

It was a concert very enlivening.

It was an experience absolutely enthralling.

It released a significant  nostalgic feeling.

On the whole it was overwhelmingly amazing.







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A Beautiful May Morning.

It is a beautiful May morning,

The grasshoppers are busy flying ,

The butterflies  are buzz buzzing,

The  birds are  sweetly singing,

Depicting a scene most relaxing,

It is then the Sun comes out of the sky.

It is a beautiful May morning,

The baby is crying,

The elder boy is crazily drifting, 

The Lady is  attentively cooking,

Expressing a mood most exasperating

It is then the Sun came out from the sky.



It is a beautiful May morning,

The street is actively bustling,

Cars are incessantly plying,

People are  hurrying,

Enacting a plight most ruminating,

It is then the Sun comes out from the sky.

It is a beautiful May morning,

It is  a mood most relaxing,

The morning scenario is galvanizing

The routine  activities are  thronging,

Presenting the most plausible enthralling,

It is then the Sun comes out of the sky.



It is a beautiful may morning,

The dawn is amazing,

Punctuated by the episodes enticing,

Referred by the instances appealing,

Graduated by  regular happenings,

It is then the Sun  comes out of the sky.