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Eloquence Of Silence.

The house being full
with people agog
waiting to hear the concert
as every other preparation was going on
there came an announcement
the concert has been cancelled..

Disappointed to the core
the crowd moved without any noise.
unusual as it might sound
but this being a reverence
the artist commanded on the whole
bringing russell-platt-sf-symphony-strikein an eloquence of silence

A Concert Remains

The gathering was getting restless
as there was an unusual delay
To keep them quiet, a less
known troupe gave an array
of dances not to the standard nevertheless
kept the assembled occupied in a play.

The impatience subsided to a silence.
The dances stretched for an hour or more
without holding the people’s likable reference
The hosts sensing that it would lead to a tremor
had to announce a cancellation with due reverence
keeping in mind the sentiments of the gathering all the more.

The assembly dispersed in a note of disappointment
Some murmuring about the inefficiency of the hosts
Others angrily talking about the waste of time and commitment.
The arrangements went without any use almost lost
the entire money added there was total resentment.
making one feel the difficulties in planning a toast..

A Dance In France.

It was in France.

I saw a dance.

It depicted a romance.

It was a delightful stance.

It was a sprightly advance.

It instigated a trance.


The episodes were enhancing.

The movements were scintillating.

The music was capturing.

The presentation was engulfing.

On the whole it was vivaciously charming.


Round and round the danseuse moved in a whirl.

Round and round the music filled in a swirl.

Round and round the expressions gathered in a curl.

Round and round the scenes changed in a furl.

Round and round the drummers beat in a hurl.


It was a recital very engaging.

It was a concert very enlivening.

It was an experience absolutely enthralling.

It released a significant  nostalgic feeling.

On the whole it was overwhelmingly amazing.