The Lovely Moon.

The moon in the sky
shines steadfast
with a pleasant  smile.

I wish to touch her
knowing  full she is unreachable.

Her milky fluffy exteriors
look imposing and imperious.

Enticing she is.

Passing my fingers
over her smooth demeanour
while so in an imagination
provokes nothing promiscuous
instead, proposes a sobriety.

Her  luminosity is  brilliant,
not anyway, blinding
a blend of
brightness and  solemness
a graceful shine she extends.

I gaze at her.
Know not how long.
I stand still,
diffident to move.

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The Ocean Drive

It is blue deep blue.

 Water in a beautiful hue,

Waves rolling out without a clue,

Kissing the shore with an amorous  cue.



Winding goes the long drive,

Bends come in a notation live,

The mighty ocean rises in a strive,

Breathing out an awe in a  thrive.


Intermittent bays appear on the way,

Scintillating scenery hold us in a sway,

The huge trees stand in the fray,

Expressing a magnificence all the way.


The hills slopes up and down,

A little steep and brown.

The eucalyptus grows in a lanky throng,

Enhancing the charm to an ecstatic  song.


Down goes the road at times,

Up  climbs the  path at times,

Presenting an enticing scenario  all times,

Lifting us to a  lofty frenzy most times.



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A Beautiful May Morning.

It is a beautiful May morning,

The grasshoppers are busy flying ,

The butterflies  are buzz buzzing,

The  birds are  sweetly singing,

Depicting a scene most relaxing,

It is then the Sun comes out of the sky.

It is a beautiful May morning,

The baby is crying,

The elder boy is crazily drifting, 

The Lady is  attentively cooking,

Expressing a mood most exasperating

It is then the Sun came out from the sky.



It is a beautiful May morning,

The street is actively bustling,

Cars are incessantly plying,

People are  hurrying,

Enacting a plight most ruminating,

It is then the Sun comes out from the sky.

It is a beautiful May morning,

It is  a mood most relaxing,

The morning scenario is galvanizing

The routine  activities are  thronging,

Presenting the most plausible enthralling,

It is then the Sun comes out of the sky.



It is a beautiful may morning,

The dawn is amazing,

Punctuated by the episodes enticing,

Referred by the instances appealing,

Graduated by  regular happenings,

It is then the Sun  comes out of the sky.