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Divine Grace.

Ichithra pournamit is grace they say
a divine grace in a way
that overwhelms the crowd
who shout aloud
they shake and cry
never at all shy
raise their voice
throw their choice
excited they are
exaggerated they wear
studs, bracelets and chains
gaudy shirts with thick metals
all go to make the scene unholy
the frenzied shouts haunt the ears
their gait teases the eyes
altogether a not so desirable event
but has become a powerful deviant.

Poetry pollution.

The Loud Speaker

The loud blast of the speaker

nettles and shuttles the ears

the noise gets into the brain

causes a propositional drain

the head reels in a dizzy

the conscious oscillates in a frenzy

not happens to one but to all

yet the speakers go without a call

unrestricted  in their own proceed

unknown to many around

it is a pollution of the sound

worse than the air  prone

as the noise holds a serious tone

a menace to the human in all

a mishap to the society in full.loud-speaker-photos


The Morning Call

The morning works out for calls

which rolls out like balls78d69f40906679a976dc4d45cebffbe6-morning-call

with the appointments in the follow

and nothing could go through the hollow

each being important and vital

one has to go up by the title

arranging the alibi by importance

and then going by the relevance

there arises a multiplication of prompts

that go with the highest fonts

a great vigilance has to accompany

that should not relax the symphony

likewise the execution has to be underway

stumbling on no obstacle in the pathway

a meticulous effort goes ahead in the program

making the morning a time for instagram





The Early Morn

The early morning sun
not too hot nor too bold
rises up in the sky  4211153475_4aff189cf0s
shedding a lively prism
that of joy and fresh
lending cheer with a hush
the new day dawns.

With the sun in angles
ascending from the sea in triangles
might also rise from the hills
as many versions go with it in the bill
the day opens out in a  flight
causing an extreme delight
that goes with its merry sojourn.

The morn sees a series of acts in turn
one of rushing out with a concern
going to schools  and work spots
with a precipitated hurry
carrying loads of books on back
and loads of ideas in track
moving in a frenzied mood.

The gay of the morn turns morose
as the duties evoke a force
a terrible schedule on the anvil
had to be executed with or without will
unable to enjoy the liveliness
we stray away into the sordidness
losing the essence of joie de vivre.

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The Ocean Drive

It is blue deep blue.

 Water in a beautiful hue,

Waves rolling out without a clue,

Kissing the shore with an amorous  cue.



Winding goes the long drive,

Bends come in a notation live,

The mighty ocean rises in a strive,

Breathing out an awe in a  thrive.


Intermittent bays appear on the way,

Scintillating scenery hold us in a sway,

The huge trees stand in the fray,

Expressing a magnificence all the way.


The hills slopes up and down,

A little steep and brown.

The eucalyptus grows in a lanky throng,

Enhancing the charm to an ecstatic  song.


Down goes the road at times,

Up  climbs the  path at times,

Presenting an enticing scenario  all times,

Lifting us to a  lofty frenzy most times.