impressive Poetry

That Stupefy And Exhilarate

Luxurious it is to see the hills

green and calm always in a still

the majestic atonement it displays

there is nothing so thrilling in the database

capable of a fascination so peaceful

each time it looks so wonderful

I lose myself when I see its loftiness

impressive and imperious with an ebullience

“how could you stand so erect”?

I query her with an admiration perfect

she condescends with a smile so sweet

“how long have you  been there?’ I tweet

she smothers  me with her charm

the hows of me make her beam and deemfauna and flora

Nature armed with such land features

extends a carouse to all the earthly creatures

the elevation is a home for  many

birds and bees abide  in plenty

the fauna and flora stupefy and exhilarate

the hills are one that none could hate.


The Desert And Its Charm

The long arid desert with nothing

the vast expanse of land without anything

just a stretch of   sand white all the way

could see only the sunlight all the day

might not present a vivid picture

being plain and colourless   in stricture

they too lend a beauty  great

making known to the world  to date

that nothing has a value immense

as it is the starting point in all essence.

With the zero  begins the numerical regime

so with the desert rolls the other teams

that of hills, mountains, ocean, and fertile lands

images (32)synchronizing the world into a place grand.




The Hills Above.

The majestic hills
with their slopes
and winding paths
stand apart
tall and broad
towering and hovering
carrying with them
a powerful synergy
and a dramatic irony
that of greatness in tone
and a simplicity in bearing
proposing a deign
and a shine
that is inherent
in their bind
The hills greet all
with pleasure and cordiality
supplying amply
a coolness and freshness
appropriate for relaxation
adding colour to the cheeks
and relieving the body of its strain.Scotland_The_Culli_1939293b
A stock of animals roam high up
coming down in search of food
pass of doing no harm
if left undisturbed
but come with an attack
if seen playing truant.
The water flowing down the hills
glitter like silver
when sun’s rays fall on them
flowing with a hissing sound
and the bees buzzing about
while the birds chirp and tweet
adding mirth to the surroundings
A week in the hills a year
revitalise the body and mind
adding tenor and vigour.


A Designed Holiday.

Going up the hills for summer
was the usual sojourn.
A full two months up the hills
lent a relaxation and build up in tone.
The sun rising among the hills
late in the morning silent and still
cast a picturesque gleam all over.
With tea gardens on either side of the house
and hills going up and down in scores
with the tea leaf pickers with the basket around
talking among themselves while working in the mound
the church bell ringing a little away
and the temple slokas coming down the aisle in a sway
while the school goers march down the hills in glee
with the bags of books and lunch
The day started with mirth all along
and the sun was in a pleasant mood not wrong
shining mildly all through the morn.
The noon is moderate with plenty of sunshine
and the estate work comes to halt during the dine.
The evenings are deemed to be of highest grace
Strolling out taking a pleasant walk in the race
inhaling the aromatic tea and passing through the green grass land
which sprawls across in huge stretches all over the land.
With the wild flowers in different colors bid you near
rather wildly in a mood buoyant and dear.
Walking through get a glimpse of houses down the hill
and also up the mountains where the lights fill
and shine like stars flickering now and then.
The night sets in and with that the sleep
Curling on the bed with the blanket wrapped
got into a peaceful slumber away from the hotadderley-guest-house plains.

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Green Goes The Theme.

greenshade.Green takes the cue from nature.

Greenery  presents a beautiful aperture.

Greenish hue illustrates a lovely feature.


The dark and deep forest looks green all through.

The ups and downs in the hills encircle greenery all  through.

Green fascinates every one all through.


 An encomium to the colour green marks  the show.

The  greenish  tinge enhances the glow.

The excellence of the colour green entices all in a flow



The shades of green are different and delicate.

The characteristics of green are impressive and  invigorate.

Greenery enlivens the environment elaborate.  













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The Panorama

The skies open out to the sea,

The ocean turns out to the shore,

The land climbs up to the mounts,

The  hillocks clamber to the skies,

The tall Tower Eye stands alone,

Massive structures  run around,

 Marble pillars  hold high the domes,

Displaying  a concept of high and low.


Up ,up goes the tower in a terrible high,

The Sydney Bridge  across hold our eye,

The Opera House  concert flows into the ears,

Activities around Darling Harbour  catch the  nerves.



The mighty  Ocean flows unperturbed,

Men move about in a mangled queue,

Vehicles ply about in an orderly  slow,

The trains go about duty bound.



Boats sail over the water,

Ferries transport men and matter,

Ships stream over the deep waters,

Planes conquer the skies.


It  is business all through,

Starting from penny to dollars,

A transaction performed  all through,

Confirming a task  of a meritorious skill.

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The Ocean Drive

It is blue deep blue.

 Water in a beautiful hue,

Waves rolling out without a clue,

Kissing the shore with an amorous  cue.



Winding goes the long drive,

Bends come in a notation live,

The mighty ocean rises in a strive,

Breathing out an awe in a  thrive.


Intermittent bays appear on the way,

Scintillating scenery hold us in a sway,

The huge trees stand in the fray,

Expressing a magnificence all the way.


The hills slopes up and down,

A little steep and brown.

The eucalyptus grows in a lanky throng,

Enhancing the charm to an ecstatic  song.


Down goes the road at times,

Up  climbs the  path at times,

Presenting an enticing scenario  all times,

Lifting us to a  lofty frenzy most times.