A Designed Holiday.

Recalling the past.with memories pleasant.

Going up the hills for summer
was the usual sojourn.
A full two months up the hills
lent a relaxation and build up in tone.
The sun rising among the hills
late in the morning silent and still
cast a picturesque gleam all over.
With tea gardens on either side of the house
and hills going up and down in scores
with the tea leaf pickers with the basket around
talking among themselves while working in the mound
the church bell ringing a little away
and the temple slokas coming down the aisle in a sway
while the school goers march down the hills in glee
with the bags of books and lunch
The day started with mirth all along
and the sun was in a pleasant mood not wrong
shining mildly all through the morn.
The noon is moderate with plenty of sunshine
and the estate work comes to halt during the dine.
The evenings are deemed to be of highest grace
Strolling out taking a pleasant walk in the race
inhaling the aromatic tea and passing through the green grass land
which sprawls across in huge stretches all over the land.
With the wild flowers in different colors bid you near
rather wildly in a mood buoyant and dear.
Walking through get a glimpse of houses down the hill
and also up the mountains where the lights fill
and shine like stars flickering now and then.
The night sets in and with that the sleep
Curling on the bed with the blanket wrapped
got into a peaceful slumber away from the hotadderley-guest-house plains.


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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