Law And Justice.

Lawyers keep on arguing lies
Judges go on pronouncing lies.
First lies become evidences
Then they turn out as judgements
To hear this you pay.
To receive it I pay.
They both demand highly
We both pay liberally.
They become rich quickly
We become poor even more quickly
Justice is denied to the rightful.
it is sold to the unlawful.
The courts pass orders grandly
Making the righteous penniless mostly
Transforming the erroneous wealthy immediately.
That is law in short.
That is legality in brief.
Well, that is called Justice in terms.justice


The Cries- Haiku.

The child cries
Knowing not what to do
mother cries too.

Both crying aloud
at top of their voice
throats gecrying-babyt stuck.

With broken voice
both could not cry more
They keep quiet

Their voice lost
both fall asleep in exertion
The cries cease


Rewards Bring joy.

My little girl called from abroad.
She is the most adorable kid.
With lovely demeanour and fine code.
Talked in length of her school and other kids
Shonorhe being the teacher’s assistant in class
has to help the teacher in her activities
She is among the top four in class
topping in mathematics .
But has not received any awards so far.
She felt sad and unhappy but very diplomatic
Lo! her tone gave it out without any bar.
Rewards give an impetus and joy to everyone
Little kids get overjoyed and thoroughly happy
Denying these awards to the rightful is wicked.



The bird talk
has become a man’s talk
as everyone tweets.

The man’s birds-tweettalk
has become nobody else’s talk
none to copy.


Theatre in The Courtyard.

In the courtyard we see numerous events
Day in and day out they happen in succession.
getting unnoticed most pass of as trends.
Certain others stay in the mind with an imposition.

The courtyard is a theatre on the onset
with feelings and emotions displayed high.
Incidents being spontaneous cannot be reset.
Certain events draw a feeling of shy.

Theatrical skills also play a game.
The one who is vociferous rules the roost.
The silent one poses a look tame
Anger and tears provide a boost.

When the show starts we know not.
Reaching its climax in a short while
it rises to a situation very hot.
Gradually slows down in a quiet style.

The live show is far interesting
as the actors are all family members
They are part of the real testing
so know no method to coax the numbers.


A Confession

Sleeping in a rugged floor.
Brushing the teeth with cinders
Bathing in a river.
Eating out of earthen ware.
She knows no sophistication.
She knows no condiments.
She 2631059035_1985b10ceb know only work
Nothing more than that.


A Letter To The Tenant.

pr123_240 Calls are answered without any attribution
Mails mostly go without any proposition.
I am sending e mails as an imposition
But, to my dismay, I find no solution.

As there is no solution let us part.
Not thinking of anything extraneous to act
To make a smooth transition is the tact.
Let us do it immediately as there exists no pact