A Program

download (2)With hunger of all kinds around
With the satisfaction
of dealing in thorough
With the thought of solving
With the desire to resolve
seeking help from those who read
and from those who have the might
I wish to start a small program.
Raising fund to help those in need
and those who require partial aid.
Looking forward and putting forth
an appeal to all to help me in this endeavour.
Wishing you a very happy morn to those in the west
and wishing a pleasant sleep to those in east
it is Meena signing off


The Attitude Of Hunger- Haiku

Hunger is anger
evoking emotions from the heart
inducing eating pangs

Hunger is abstract
causing a sensation felt much
but not seen.

Hunger is desire
inducing a love for knowledge
not easily satisfied.

Hunger is lust.
insinuating rude and sensual violence
crying for contempt.images (56)

images (57)download (1)

Hunger is strange
behaving in an abnormal scale
an attitude different.


Appeasing Hunger.

Hunger is the deepest anguish
that could lead to a perish.
It is a tragedy that could be overtaken
but left in lurch by all rather forsaken
Hunger is simple and inexpensive.
but perennial images (55) and destructive.
Any hunger for that matter
could be satiated by proper care and cater
going together with prudent adaptations..
Let go the hunger
then it becomes anger
promoting an intolerance
which culminates in violence.

Hunger is striking and unbearable
propelling a situation deplorable.
Hunger gets quenched in a wink
with a morsel of bread in the link.
Getting controlled it releases an ease
and directs to a sentimental please.
This saturation is short-lived
as again the necessity for food rides
and over and again there starts a patch
new and fresh consumption of food in a catch
Appeasing hunger is not very dear
but the continuity gives a fear
that of funding the meals in the gear.


The Physical Hunger–Lust.

The thrust in man to commit
is both acceptable and unacceptable.
The urge to do things
for the good of society
for the welfare of the community
come under the acceptable.
The drive to secure by greed
that go to get into the big
resorting to hoarding and amassing wealth
by unlawful means and discreet manipulations
resorting to illegal practices
gets an unacceptable quote.
Above all and above everything
the advances toward physical pleasures
the illicit contacts and the unlikely
attacks on the opposite sex
The polygamy and the rape give a notorious illustration
and this animal pleasure reflects on the individual
as a non formidable deviation resting on the excessive aggravation
linked to the progeny in the growth and style of the lineage.
The gruesome approach and the powerful plunge
destroys the mind and body all the same
revealing a dire, distasteful quality in the genes
inherent in the individual and expressed mostly in the teens
getting develoimages (54)ped in the years into a lust keen.
These call for a condemnation and a rounding up
providing a warning to the wrong doers in a crucial go.


Hunger For Knowledge.

With a book in one hand
and the eyes browsing through it
she was taking her food
without any interest
as the book kept her engaged.

Turning the pages with one hand
while the other hand was on food
nothing went to the mouth
while the eyes devoured every line with amour
the food remained in the plate untouched.

Paying no attention to meals
and always reading through
she neglected her health
making her look like a scare crow
skinny and thin bony and gaunt.

The hunger for knowledge
being predominant all through
she could not be without a book for a minute
nor could she restrain from writing for a second
Perhaps it is a mania that is for the good.

The involvement in reading
left her away from gossip
keeping her ears shut to the talks
she enriched herself all through
with figures and facts.

Do not mistake that she remained a book worm
she put her research to good use
imparting the objectives she had learnt
with ardent fervour to those of whom seeking help
and aiding them with learning toobook_lover_gal_2_leader_poster-ra1f239723d074d4084a65a2f5c0f7434_2982a_8byvr_512ls to impress a progress.


The Hunger For Food.

little girlThe eyes speak volumes
They are tiny little ones sparkling
with sadness and a feel.
The blue eyes, see the blue skies above
and the green landscape around
with people moving in a busy thorough fare,
seeking a morsel of bread
as the child with such lovely eyes.
had gone without food for the past day

Not wanting to beg
but is forced to seek alms
the child hesitantly puts her arms forward
then pulls it back
The pride still lurks
and still irks
placing the child in a dilemma
in a post far from approval.

The hunger is so killing
making her suffer
The child being orphaned at young age
keeps loitering in the streets
uncared for years together
unfed for days together.
Helpless people move forward
giving her what they could.

The girl if taken care
would turn out to be an asset
as one could see a potential
and a greatness in her
If left wandering in the streets
the girl would not only lose
but the community also would
feel guilty as a partcipant in the deprive.