Striking On Things

It is going to be a nice day
he was saying to himself.
It would turn out to be fruitful
he was talking to himself.
It is going to win a fortune
he was goading himself.
It is all going to be
and the thought led himself .
He is living in a world of his own
not wanting to listen to the voice of reality
not interested to know what ihands-striking-match-17593338s happening
getting irritated if someone cross him
Well, that has been his way of doing
all through the years
not striking on things in hand
but groping for something far beyond.


Pleasant Disposition

Besides being careful
she was prompt
and most affable
being not a taunt.

Reaching her for help
getting to her for advice
was always possible
without any frantic tries.

An elegant figure of magnanimity
she was reasonable in her approach
being fully loaded with thoughts of amity
she greeted all.without rapproach.

Her sweetness was mistook by most.
by playing fool over her kind disposition
Knowing about it she foremost
withdrew from such moving to safe position.

The sharp acumen was her strong fold pleasingShe was not gullible to other’s foolery.
She seated in a base of firm hold
kept a distance from such cheap revelry.