The Crow and the Kitten.

Saw a kitten in the morning
thin and bony
Noticing it running
a crow black and scary
came down flying.
The kitten stood without moving
The crow flew up.
Wmqdefaulthen the kitten started running
the crow came down
The Kitten trembled in fear
It was very clear
that the crow was about to catch
Ran through the pathway
chased the crow away
and took the kitten home.


The Times—-Haiku

The past is a relic.
it is antique
being outdated and didactic.

The present is alive.
It is a drive.
being imminent and a thrive.

The future is hope.
It is an elope.
being a possibility and a copimages (93)e.


Power- Haiku.

Power becomes powerful
poweringimages (92) things to great power
raising to power.

Powerful exerts power
over all powers emerging powerful
enhancing the power.


The Suspense Over.

The suspense got over
it is nothing to think over.
Something that hovers
for quite some time
and gets away from sight.

The result was not to taste
but was given in haste.
Well accepting it as chaste
gives a lively feeling
and a pleasant images (91)endowment.

With whatever that has been given
could create much wonder
With that thought in mind
went ahead with determination
along the sides with exertion.

Well, that has become my take
right from young age.
Getting the least of what lies
making the most of what I get
a practice of making it perfect.

This result is one such one
Nothing great nothing less.
Had a setback slight in the affront.
But took it in stride without any brunt.
This attitude serves as a best option.


A False Show.

There is a cause
for the fall
nothing to pause
something to call
announcing a show false
delivering it tall
with no mean toss
but with a lovely ball
exhibiting the flaws
displaying in a hall
along with a gloss
attracting all
to a glittering loss.images (90)


The Feather.

The feather blew in the air
it landed down so swiftly
ran to picimages (89)k it with care.


The Dog And Disaster.

It was half past ten in the night
There was silence all around.
There were few light around
coming from the houses in the surround.
Most of the households have become quiet
with the few elderly burning the lamp
reading and watching programs in the T.V.
There was no more activity in the area.
In the dim darkness all things looked sullen.
As every other house got into darkness
with the inmates engaged in relaxation
the night reigned supreme with the moon shining cool.

As everything and everyone had resigned to slumber
there arose a disturbance enough to wake everyone.
It was a blast from a mine far away.
shaking the whole neighbourhood in a take off
Down came the stone rolling down in speed.
The houses lying low got hit by the boulders
The children cried in fright and pain.
The old could not pull themselves out from the horror.
The men ran here and there setting toward rehabilitation.
The women pulled out from the ruins as much as they could
Lay trapped in the ruins a poor dog who warned them earlier.images (88)


The Mask Of Deceit.

With the rose in hand
smelling it now and then
she walked right in with a grin
nodding at all around
greeting them with folded hands.

Taken aback by her presence
the gathering got up in reverence
wished her Good Morning
waited for her to enter
and sat back in awe.

She called them one by one
came to know about them
assured them of her cooperation
They went out with a satisfaction
that things would be done
as she had given them assurance.

Days passed nothing was heard .
They became restless and disappointed.
Went to meet her once again
got the same warm reception
and endearing she gave more assurances
but this time there were few believers.

Mostly this is what happens all over.
The ignorant get swayed away by masked deceit.
Time elapses with a gallop and stride
leaving them in the lurch and crunch
If at all people show their true colours
innocent would not be taken for a ride.images (87)