There Ends The Spin

Spinning does life goes in speed
with lots of ups and downs
with bumps and falls
Falling down we get up
Falling flat we turn around
Falling over we get over.
so goes on life both in joy and melancholy
both in strife and stroke
both with promise and default
Up and Up it rises up one time.
Down and down it relapses another time
The spinning is not consistent
neither it is constant
Heaping up praise on one side
Targeting with mud-slinging on other side.
Spinning goes on with noise and clatter
bringing fortune and mishap
extending love and hate
bestowing grace and mercy
all the same in a width
and all the more in length
Spinning does the life end
with the curtains coming


The Mind Spins

The mind spins in all directions
not knowing what to do
stood in a place with lot of distractions
unable to control the spinning
sat in a place away from action.
It did not find a resolution
but started going in circles
round and round it spins
making the head ache
and the body restless
not knowing what to do
lay down in the bed for a time
closing the eyes and thinking of nothing
Opening out the windows
the fresh air gushed in
relieving the ache
and relaxing the mind.
The mind then stopped spinning
and settled in peace

Head spinning 1


Spinning Money

With spinning yarn did come spinning money
which had never been my home.
Money and I keep a distance
or to put it in more precise terms
Money stands always a few yards from me.
With what little I have I did live all these years
in perfect happiness and contentment
bringing up children and maintaining the life style in a way
balancing like a circus man waking over the rope.
Did I say that i balanced
nay I was made to tread on tight ropes
with meagre sanctions constituting little denominations.
I know not why I failed in making money
whereas I found success in all other attempts
Well, that be my deficiency not slight
but very impressive that makes me at times amused.
Bemused i spin yarn, tales but not money
which is the best of all the three
As the fox says grapes are sour
when it could not reach them
I come out with this thought
that money is not all that it looks.
and it cannot bring happiness.
It might sound a reconciliation to you
but it is a resurrection to me.images (43)


Spinning Yarn and Tales.

Had been in the trade of spinning yarn
manufacturing cotton yarn
from coarser counts to finer ones
for almost three decade
With the market not going steady
and with the outlook for conservative spinning
being not congenial for manufacturing yarn
shifted out to something viable
and with ample time in hand
started spinning tales
in a way they are also yarn
writing about that had happened and that
would happen in the future
with little frills and frescoes
falling into the rhyme schemes
certain times out of it
penning what I know
in a way I know
how people take to
I do not know
but I go on spinning
with a vow not to give up
at any time
whatever might be the outcome
that is all I know.images (42)


Spinning The Tale

images (41)With the spontaneity getting distorted when put to efforts.
the flow gets muddled when subjected to strain
Including a message is in itself a great test.
Bringing the emotions into the rhyme scheme is a drain,
The lilting tone and a tilting voice give the poem a melody
that entices and enraptures one and all with a grand testimony.
Leave the poet to work on his own scale
allow him to spin his own tale
in a scheme suitable to his theme
as that isS the most interesting part of the scheme.SS