A Cry and After.

Hop hop went the little girl
Top top went she in her style.
Flop flop she fell down miserably
crying with a ha and a ho
she brought the roof down
with a loud cry and a


The Spirited Dame

Lady Gaga4-20121003-60Into the world of fame
there came in a flame
a lovely spirited dame
staking her claim
nothing to blame
an all things without shame
calling loud as if in a game
that she was the rightful heir
and none could take the share
without her acceptance fair
So saying she went on with her work
not bothered about other’s task.


The Foremost Fruit

mangoLascivious it is
Beautiful it looks.
Colourful it appears
with a tinge of green
and a shade of red
with a spray of yellow
Looking round and plumpy .
Seem to have flesh in excess
posing a picture of happiness
and granting a look of prosperity
the fruit dangles in every shop
during the season in the months
of May and June.
Well, it is a great fruit
affordable and lovable
amorously called Mango.


The Climate Change.

The warmth in the atmosphere
gives an uneasiness with fear..
It is so humid throughout
leading to a fatigue in and out.
It is not the individual
who feels dull and tired in trial
it is the street as well
appearing sultry and dusty in aswell.
Pedestrians stop going out
while the cyclists prefer indoors to flout.
The bikes and car dare not venture out
as the sunlight would scar them to death.

Scared of getting burnt and
staying in is a better proposition
while the indoors is sweltering
the aircons and fans do the minimising
and present a likely decorum of comforting
Usually deserts proved so sultry
but now there being a drastic topsy-turvyimages (34)
cool places have become hot
and hot ones have turned on to be hotter and hottest.
They are a prelude and precursor to climate change
gathering momentum with the advent of Tsunami.


Eloquence Of Silence.

The house being full
with people agog
waiting to hear the concert
as every other preparation was going on
there came an announcement
the concert has been cancelled..

Disappointed to the core
the crowd moved without any noise.
unusual as it might sound
but this being a reverence
the artist commanded on the whole
bringing russell-platt-sf-symphony-strikein an eloquence of silence