Words — Haiku

Words in all
make up the big world
revolving like ball.

Words in full
turn things into unexpected terms
knocking everything dull.

Words withinimages (81) words
give the inference a twist
piercing like sword.

Word by word
let out thoughts in part
initiating a nod.


The Words Incite.

Words play a role
with an expectation
and an anticipation.
Words bring in unity
and a quarrel and in fight
with a slight deviant.
the approach is vital
and the talk is essential
to harmonize in sequel..
With words peace could be brought.
Treaties could be signed
in one direction.
With the same words
war could erupt.
Terrorism could spread
in the other direction.
The word play is great
with the pun and an alliteration
with a satire and slander
with metaphor and simile.
All get ahead in a row
to make the words incite.peace treaty


Word Of Honour.

HonourLogo_800The words create an image
Careful not to damage
they release a gauge
and a lively engage.

Words are used with care
else they would end up in snare.
Words are lovely share
costing no fare.

Honouring the word impeccably
shows the man discreetly.
As words are one of promise mostly
They are to be uttered with a sensitivity.

A word if it is given
should never be broken
however might it be shaken
It at any cost must be taken.

So much surrounds the words in talk
They enforce an integrity in every walk.
They throw meanings on every stock..
If deployed well words rock.


Sensibility of Words.

bullies-hurt-themselves_1Words are powerful .
Loaded with anger
they hurt and kill.
Loaded with love
they hug and embrace.

The injury caused by word
sucks the life out.
It penetrates and pierces
bringing the heart out
causing a catastrophe.

The words of appreciation
goes a long way
giving a pat and an applause
taking one to heights
sensing an achievement.

Words are pointed and sharp
incisive and razor like
They are also soft like a quill
loving and smothering
inducing an exhilaration.


All About Words.

The words are like gold
Valuable are the words told.
Words are never sold.
They might be cold
but should never fold.
The words are in hold
as they cannot be rolled

Words are to be kept.
They should not be swept.
Certain words have depth.
Others are very much adept.
Changing then do not erupt.
Twisting them is inept.
as they disrupt.

Words talk about the reference.
They make a difference.
They incur a lot of inference
Words present a coherence.
They also bring in an indulgence
calling for a insurgence.
Words carry a reverence,words-cant-describe1