It is big.
The world and its people.
make it big.

Being made big
it grows out of proportion
becoming too big.

Becoming too big
slander kills the people aroundimages (27)
finally devouring world.


Call it Desire

When desire exceeds all bounds.
It echoes through all sounds.
It wants this being a new-found.
It wishes that belonging to an antique.
Where to go and get? from the attic.
If so it is easy.
Just a climb and a pull.
Not being so it is demanding.
Taking it rather to the limitations
Desire is a cheat and very expensive
It leads to a longing and a fret
that almost promotes a craving.
Attaining it becomes a necessity.
To achieve it is images (26) a straight clamber
pushing back all other things
and getting the predominance.
Desire turns into a pursuit disastrous
bothering the peace and contentment.


The Way To Earn

ethicsof wealthThe value of money has risen
Not only in usage but also in rank
Money makes thing work with a result proven
It goes deep and deep into the shores and banks.
Not on to the financial institutions alone
but on to the buying products and lands in a follow.
Not satisfied with the wealth man attempts to secure a loan
enabling him to accumulate more and more in a flow.
Where is it going to lead you ? ask I to my friend
What are you going to do with so much wealth? I question.
He smiles at me with a tease and a sneer in a trend
Deciding he would not give a reply appropriate in time given
Made my way home deliberating where it is going to lead.
A few months later meet my friend on my way.
He was looking desperate and desolate
Restraining myself from asking anything in the sway
Came to understand that he is not in a comfortable state.
Prodding would further deepen his crisis and shock
I talked in a lighter vein and bade farewell.
The way to make money have some ethics,
Crossing them and paying no heed would cause a dishevel.


The Facts Of Consistency

Consistency is a quality
rare to be found
Yet people talk about it with vanity
saying they have it around.

It diversifies itself
through regions different
Thoughts and words by themselves
need consistency to be predominant.

Writing becomes matured and adorned
by practice and diligence.
Reading with a continuity cordons
the aberrations that lead to a reference.

Behaviour also finds its light
by the constant actions and precepts.
Any falter or a fumble reflects not slight
on the character through important receipts.

Practising consistency in all
Practise it with a full mind.
Consistency would never lead to a fall.
though it is a hard find.