An Event Unrelated

The night is chill
with wind to the fill
The cold is a kill
with the snow on the hill.
Waiting out till
expecting the car coming uphill.
Shivering in the cold still
thinking of the bills
that have to be paid without frills
Looking through the gate grill
saw a wind mill
with movements nil
There came flying a quill
falling uphillimages (31) down the window sill
With that the car came uphill
got in and went downhill


Acid Test

His rage and fury knew no bounds
as he shouted at everyone around
What for he was shouting? none knew not.
He was shouting with all his might at the lot.

The enrage and indignation had no meaning
They were an outcome of his demanding
Always making mole hill out of mountains.
Babbling throughout like an old fountain.

The people around were equally furious
Kept sober to keep peace was seen obvious
Controlling their emotions they moved away.
Telling him finally to mind his tongue all the way.

Now left alone he fumed and fretted
He was not accepted in circles much feted.
But was posted at a distance with a detest
Thus he lost his name in an acid test. shouting


An Ode To A Mango

Eating the mango with salt
was our favourite dine
adding little chilly would halt
any one that passed fine.

Mangoes hanging with a glossy hue
thick green when not ripe
golden-yellow when fully ripe in true
tasting delicious with a juicy wipe.

From childhood mangoes held me in sway
The bitter taste enslaved the tongue
and never missed eating one each day.
Raw ones had a special status in the rung.

The yellow fruits shimmered like gold.
Peeling off the skin so light and tender
and cutting the lascivious fruit in slices bold.
slipping one after one into the mouth forced a surrender.

Raw or ripe mangoes have a grip
Old or young men become slaves.
The mangoes are no more cheap
The desire to eat mangoes 6657702-golden-yellow-mango-isolated-on-white-backgroundimages (30)would last for ever .


The Mightiest Of All

With wealth in the backdrop
and fame in the forefront
and enormous might from everywhere
he reigned supreme
over a belt
in an era
where there is no monarchy
Yet posing himself as supreme
he commanded over his subjects
though not really they were bound
but by his power forcing them to obeisance
he ruled without any rules
as he lacked fundamentalsimages (29)
Going by him realised
that the more knave you are
the more ignorant you are
the most powerful you become
and mightiest you could claim


Out Of Mind.

Erasing what she wrote
over and over again
Then writing once again
overwriting on it images (28)
checking through the write
then striking them off
she was sitting deeply confused.
What she was up to?
None dared to ask.
Lest she would burst off