The Pride of Lineage

Talking of pedigree
takes to times long
where there was lot of degree
in the strata of belong.

Pedigree demonstrates a purity
The long ancestral background
gives a lot of dignity
and pride to those of us around.

The lineage should come down fine
It allows no mixture of trends.
Meaning that they have a great shine
over their beautiful ancestry with no offence.

Lineage MRCA_2 holds a great status in society
Men feel proud of their ancestry
So do the horses and animals
whose pedigree is checked before buying.

The say of pedigree is great
It tells of the family and its merits
as also an allusion to the value of date
for which the family owes its credits.

Seen many being obsessed with pedigree
They trace the involvements with decor
They talk of the family history in glee
and dwell in utmost pride that always recurs.t


The Right Track.

Having lost sight of the track
had to go in search of the track
to find the exact trackimages (20)
got on to lot of unwanted tracks
and it was difficult to track
the right feasible track
finally got into the right track
and then proceeded into the track
to reach the destination on track.


The Mind At Rest

Nothing is coming to the mindimages (19)
Nothing is keeping the mind active
Having set across to a find.
The mind has to turn proactive.

There is an unusual lull
Keeping one away from the busy schedule
Is it because the mind is not full
of thoughts and actions in the preclude?

There is an unusual inertia
The physique is subjected to high fever
causing a pull out from the criteria
The mind undergoes a prop up by an external lever.

The stimulation leads to a sensational delivery.
Needing an insinuation to spurt up
The thoughts then gather and grant a reverie
resuming the lively therapy in a close up.


The Common Cold.

images (18)With a running nose
and a heavy cold
in the chest
With incessant cough
and difficulty in breathing
resulting in wheezing.
the common cold
the commonest infection
gives the maximum botheration
than any other ailment serious
Lying down becomes a problem
with a raised pillows
and a more or less
in an upright position
one can close the eyes
and the heart going up and down
the person passes the night
almost sleepless .