Great They Call

It is great they say.
it is greatness they call.
Great has meanings many
with a general term
directing to good
and specialisedgreat-wall frame
indicating noble.
it is something hard to attain
something difficult to achieve.
That which causes wonder.
That which raises value
Altogether great is a quality
not common and very rare
bringing along an awe
with an inspiration again great.


In Tip Toe

It is a go
in a row
with a bow
on the toe
going slow
keeping with a flow
looking with a glow
as if in a show
seeking nothing low
going not far below
of course with a blow
nothing to allow
not in a shadow
past the meadow
in the narrow
through the furrow
finally into the burrow
went the rabbit in tip toe.



Trial in Courts.

Courts are assembling place.
Lawyers high and low gather.
Judges sit in a high place.
with great pride rather.
The lawyers make a fuss.
Telling one thing to their clients
Doing another in a feigned stress.
Judges come with determined inclines.
The trials are conducted in farce.
A make-believe effect is on the go.
The judge pretends to listen.
The lawyers cross-examine for a sake.
The plaintiffs get their expectations.
The defendants angered at the fake
go in for fresh applications.
The lower court gets it completed .
The ordeal continues in the higher courts
The loser then goes to the highest
The case find no end in all courts
unless the parties conclude in the earliest
it would drag on for years and years
consuming the life-time of the challengers.
It is not unusual that those who areCDN-editorial-cartoon-06172011 wrong get credited
the losers are always the just.
That is justice in a nut shell.
This is not an experience personal
but a study of cases in general.


Reaching Out

Penning for money is blasphemous.
Never do that.
Writing for praise is horrendous.
Never do that.
Versifying for reputation is frivolous.
Never do that.
Writing is spontaneous.
It is inherent
Sprouting out in a bout
embracing with love.
The joy of creation
knows no bounds
leaping up high
crossing the borders
flying over the skies
across the oceans
reaching the hearts
of many a reader
that is its true reward.



Ands and Buts.

The ands and buts in the usage
give a large distributive leverage.
The and is an easiest conjunction
while but is an ominous junction.
The and goes on with a free flow
directing to a temporary slow.
The but gives a break sudden
leading to a suspense in the end.
These words are aconjunction-junction boon to the writer
as they gives facilities to cater
with a period to think over
and a time to build over.
Without these two words
much would hold back
as great literature would pack
and go for a hiding in a set back.


My Posts

The posts I create.
get a modest growing
with moderate likes and
few comments from good people
making me happy and contented
and the day goes on
with such joy and peace
restricting me from getting involved
and making me stand straight
not wanting to dabble in others’
and giving me a practice of self-control
besides lending me a self-support
though not anything monetary
but of great acquisition of comfort
Upostsltimately we live only for harmony
both internal and external
With that being circumscribed
my days remaining would go
undaunted and undeterred.


Broken Strings.

The society in which we live
The people with whom we live.
The environment which keeps us.
The nature that leads us
raise demands small or big
Having to honour the demands
we have to make things work
by making up the mind
which at times refuses
to cajole the heart along
which puts forth the ups and downs
listening to both in need
and having to go with the creed
creates a gravity unable to hold.
It leads to a burst of emotions
and a barrage of controversies
rendering broken strings
To tie them up together need steps severe.forbrokenstrings