Reaching Out

Penning for money is blasphemous.
Never do that.
Writing for praise is horrendous.
Never do that.
Versifying for reputation is frivolous.
Never do that.
Writing is spontaneous.
It is inherent
Sprouting out in a bout
embracing with love.
The joy of creation
knows no bounds
leaping up high
crossing the borders
flying over the skies
across the oceans
reaching the hearts
of many a reader
that is its true reward.


Actions Looks Man Poem Read Reading shirtless thoughts

With Or Without.

no shirtSaw a man without a shirt.
sitting on a bench dirt.
talking to certain flirts.
expressing with a blurt.

Bare bodied he stands
above his frivolous band
thinking of his acts grand
as if he is creating a beautiful brand.

Shirtless he spends his day
Engaging himself in a way,
Emanating noises similar to a bray.
Holding his group in a sway.

He feels shirts are not for him
as he is a simple to the brim.
They take the light out of him
making him look dim.

He beams with pride
as he has nothing to hide.
He cannot take sides
as none want to sit besides.

He is no body builder
but a cheap bidder
He is not a pleader
as he is not a reader.

Read or write he knows not.
Behaviour or decorum he knows not.
Modesty or magnanimity he knows not.
How to be, with shirt or without, we know not?