Man of His Own Creation.

Talking all in terms of goodness
doing acts not with the fullness
taking things with great easiness
leaving them to work at their own pace
not wanting to see and face
those who did and do harm in close
keeping away from them in a choose
been his way all throughout
yet he claims to be shrewd in and out
if that be so I have my own doubt
about quick healthy-whalewit and right decision
he is a man  of his own creation.


Reaching Out

Penning for money is blasphemous.
Never do that.
Writing for praise is horrendous.
Never do that.
Versifying for reputation is frivolous.
Never do that.
Writing is spontaneous.
It is inherent
Sprouting out in a bout
embracing with love.
The joy of creation
knows no bounds
leaping up high
crossing the borders
flying over the skies
across the oceans
reaching the hearts
of many a reader
that is its true reward.


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Creativity In Full Bloom.

creativityIt was an idea conceived long ago.
It was growing in stages more like a logo.
It got its shape sometime ago.
It was in the abstract form till little while ago.

The concept took shape in a slow phase.
It was then altered many a time to acquire a base.
The theme then was improved with a glaze.
The end product enticed everyone to a gaze.

The proportion was first set abreast.
The bigger one looked out of context.
The smaller one was away from the text.
The right size was arrived at last after a strenuous test.

The manipulations made the head reel.
The finality evolved a luxurious steal.
The fine touch ups took to the wheel.
The evolution inspired a magnificent feel.

The beautiful produce stole the limelight.
The glamour caught everyone’s sight.
The loveliness raised the excitement to a height.
The art piece might become a masterpiece with due rights.

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A Passion On The Go.

passionIt is a deep  passion.

It resembles a recreation.

It creates a distraction.

It releases delicate emotions.


Impatiently the soberity arrives.

Delivering  pleasurable tries.


Dispassionate it might appear.

Disproportionate it  might send  fear.

Disaster  it  might lay bare.

Digression it might take care.


Writing  has become a passion.

 Know not for what reason.

Writing has become a fusion.

Embracing all times and seasons.


A few lines a day gives an impetus.

Thoughts lead to words in full tempest.

Words move towards expressions  in haste.

Expressions  give birth to creation in taste.


That is how the work of art attains its finality

Allowing the audience to a revel in gravity.

Succumbing to the beauty  in totality.

Cherishing the masterpiece of creativity.






















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A Tribute To Creativity

creativityCreativity is beautiful.

Creating is  beautiful.

Creating with ideas is  beautiful.

Creating with taste is beautiful.

Creating  is a  choice beautiful.


Creativity is a gift  beautiful.

Found in few with an eye for beautiful.

Devolving out of thoughts beautiful

Delineated in the work most beautiful.

Making the creation very  beautiful.


Creativity  goes a long way.

Creating  treasures  along the way.

That stand the test of times all the way.

Installing monuments in words and things in the way.

Bequeathing a lovely glory to the future across the way.
















Care Creation

Attempt To Renovate.

Rare paintings in age-old temples,

Reveal volumes of history,

Depict  scenes of the past,

In colourful artistic splendour.


These monumental sketches,

By artists of yore,

Are rare treasures passed on,

From generations to generations.


They tell us about events,

Teach us  the customs,

Discipline our lifestyle,

By illustrations of traditions.


Restoration  unmindful destroys,

 Kill  the beauty forever,

As the significant exhibits die,

In the hands of ignorance.


Renovations  have to restructure

 To garnish the lost glamour,

 By reinventing the charm,

In conservative constructions.



The present day efforts,

Put forth a suicidal trend,

Wiping off extensively ,

The delicacies of the past.


A painting is a creation,

Of the mind and soul,

It is a  profound release,

Of thought and imagination.



True art has no replicas,

 As they are spontaneous,

Born only once,

Never to be created again.


Such being the state,

An extreme care is the need,

 Bidding a requisition  for a challenge,

Most similar to a virtuous patience