Woe Filled Earth.

images (14)Drought and famine found  in certain places.

Floods and death seen  in other places

Any way there being tragedy in all places

Who is responsible for these phases?

You and I along with different faces

make this beautiful earth faceless.


A Man Fallen From Grace.

Turning  the face

he  walked without trace

looked dazed.

went  with a chase

hinted  with a gaze

tried  with a base

changed in phase

had been his ways

all through the days

he being a  case

exhibiting no grace.

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Creativity In Full Bloom.

creativityIt was an idea conceived long ago.
It was growing in stages more like a logo.
It got its shape sometime ago.
It was in the abstract form till little while ago.

The concept took shape in a slow phase.
It was then altered many a time to acquire a base.
The theme then was improved with a glaze.
The end product enticed everyone to a gaze.

The proportion was first set abreast.
The bigger one looked out of context.
The smaller one was away from the text.
The right size was arrived at last after a strenuous test.

The manipulations made the head reel.
The finality evolved a luxurious steal.
The fine touch ups took to the wheel.
The evolution inspired a magnificent feel.

The beautiful produce stole the limelight.
The glamour caught everyone’s sight.
The loveliness raised the excitement to a height.
The art piece might become a masterpiece with due rights.