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The Earth On Its Own Axis

The Earth  goes on in  round bt2lf0209_afz

could not hear any sound

it rotates  and revolves

day and night evolve

some days are bright

a beautiful sight

others are gloomy

sombre and balmy

the nights in their place

go pitch dark on days

call it the new moon days

becomes dazzling and sizzling

address it as the full moon intoxicating

well that way the earth goes around

distributing wonders in its rounds.

The Evil In Degrees.

The great evil being done on earth

being that of dearth

abusing the soil  in filth most

throwing things unmindful on the host

delivering a stench and stink

turning the earth beyond any think.


The greater evil being caused to world

being one in a fold

where crimes riseplanet up in hoards

releasing a  conviction on board

inciting an unpleasantness and crumble

converting the world  into a tumble.


The greatest evil being caused to all

that of a great fall

where  people strike with or without cause

taking the power not in a farce

inducing  an unruliness and aggressiveness

locking the people to a grievance




A Deal Unassuming.

The fever and fret with which the world revolves.

The haste and waste with which the  life evolves.

The craze and phase with which  the existence  undergoes.

The feel and steal with which the  living is forced

All take place in a span of few decades

which is allotted to individuals in a facade .

The earth moves on rotating on its own axis

with the inhabitants going about with their own practice

Not download (30)concerned about the environment internal and external

casting a diabolical consequence knowingly or unknowingly in all.

Down To Earth.

Down to earth is a beautiful idiom
bringing us down from the podium
as we tend to fly high in the air
going up and up without care
One can soar to heights specific
above that the result would be drastic.
A restriction is there in the zone
as the unmindful flyers are prone
scaling heights beyond the flown
finally enabling to be blown.
The earth shows a pragmatism
that of very charming realism
showing out a simplicity
added together with modesty
along with the virtue of patience
that take earth to a state of reverence.earth