Down To Earth.

Down to earth is a beautiful idiom
bringing us down from the podium
as we tend to fly high in the air
going up and up without care
One can soar to heights specific
above that the result would be drastic.
A restriction is there in the zone
as the unmindful flyers are prone
scaling heights beyond the flown
finally enabling to be blown.
The earth shows a pragmatism
that of very charming realism
showing out a simplicity
added together with modesty
along with the virtue of patience
that take earth to a state of


Proving The Theorem

There being people very modest
There being people very ostentatious.
There being people in between the two
borrowing something from modesty
and plucking the rest from ostentation
finally ending up in a fiasco
landing in non body’s land
sad and sorry through the programs.

A friend of mine was not seen for sometime
A few days after he came to meet me
Probing over found out he had celebrated
the wedding of his son with few guests.
Feeling a little angry for not inviting me
asked the reasons for holding it so private.
Hee said too many guests and too much preparations
would spoil the solemnity and sanctity of the wedding.

Another incident gave a different experience altogether
An invitation printed grandly with decorations all over
soliciting to grace the Diamond Wedding Anniversary celebrations
With the curiosity to find what they do and how they work out
went ahead of time and saw the extensive elaborate arrangements.
The pains they had taken and the efforts they have put across
became so tiring the couple lost their cheer and glow
remaining indiamond wedding anticipation as how the occasion is going to go about.

The two opposite episodes in equations different
proposed a deliberation profound and necessary.
If privacy is knocked down by public interference
the decorum gets eschewed in a way prolific.
There be a demarcation between the two
while weddings bring joy to the couple
there be minimal invitees to wish then well
and the comfort and liberty should be theirs.


Claim The Wisdom

Thinking of this world and its people
gives me a feeling sad and painful.
Not knowing how to claim the wisdom
that has carried us all through the times
I sit back looking aghast of the great fall
The society not of any particular region
but consisting of the whole world in session
passes through a catastrophic involvement
stripping all of us of our achievements
suppressing us to a state of depression
indicating an expensive repercussions.
The world as it appears now and would in future
has been saddled by vices of alarming stature
that greed and deceit take us all over
pressing us to push the qualities lower
that of give and take, forget and forgive
modesty and moderation have lost their drive
while publicity and self trumpeting overwhelm
allowing the top people in the realm
perform with expensive and exalting acquisitions
making the world a place of wisdomirrelevant habitation
where there is no peace and tranquillity
but where prevails money and infidelity