What I Am?

Come what may
I live in my own way
not perturbed or bothered
as I am not a wayward
I know my limits
accordingly I remit
I talk of what I know
never do I show
pride and disrespect
moderation is a game
compromise is always tame
I fight for my due till the end
never for anything I bend
I might be called firm and resolute
that is what I am in absolute.moderation



moderationA moderation be on the scene
that being of a composure
not letting out the feeling like the teens
showing a tempered approach in posture
that be of great interest to all
as an affectation leads to a distaste
an extreme attempt directs to a fall
a little withdrawal in no haste
brings in a lot of success unexpected
exclusiveness should be the motivation
a plausibility of mingling with a restraint detected
shows a voluminous relishing sensation


The Excess

The excess of anything is a danger

as it causes an intoxication in a ranger

be it food in a Kakaw_(Mayan_word)quantity  beyond

as indulgence lands in  orbits of outbound

be it wealth in a way

as opulence takes you far away

be it  temper striking entire

as the gravity stabs the  interior

be it  brains  in a say

as intelligence touches lunatic stray

be it passion  in straight

as sensual extravagance  creates a blight

be it fashion in show

as over exposure brings you to bow.

be it mercy in the go

as  tenderness pitches you against a foe

anything right or wrong

a moderation should be your song

as it would put you in a stature

lively and delicate making you great and mature.



Subdue Temper

A control of the temper is not much seen

Like the seasons tempers do change

The anger  grows up slowly in cases

bursting forth with a tantamount .

Others the fury spurts out the moment

it seeps in unobtrusively

releasing an unpleasantness

and much unwanted confusion

irking all  around in no mean terms.

If tempers are handled with moderation

there would be peace and goodwill

which  are the need of the hour.

This should be not only with men individually

but get across the communities and societies

enfolding the countries specifically

wherein there would be much   cordiality

and geniality generating a kindred spirit

and the world would rest in absolute happiness.temper



Filling The Boat With Water.

boatThe future looking very promising
he goes on with his ideas eulogizing
not listening to anyone for the cause
not thinking of what would be the course.
The futuristic design is appreciated
going with the moderation dedicated
but not with a haste injected
and speed that would one day get ejected
that would overcome the future itself
with debts and liabilities in the shelf
that could land one in troubled waters
before one could realise the status
and correct the fault with a delineation
the boat would be full of water and in alienation
ready to go into the depth in a wink
just the moment,rather at the brink
when one is going to retrieve it safelydownload (25)


Claim The Wisdom

Thinking of this world and its people
gives me a feeling sad and painful.
Not knowing how to claim the wisdom
that has carried us all through the times
I sit back looking aghast of the great fall
The society not of any particular region
but consisting of the whole world in session
passes through a catastrophic involvement
stripping all of us of our achievements
suppressing us to a state of depression
indicating an expensive repercussions.
The world as it appears now and would in future
has been saddled by vices of alarming stature
that greed and deceit take us all over
pressing us to push the qualities lower
that of give and take, forget and forgive
modesty and moderation have lost their drive
while publicity and self trumpeting overwhelm
allowing the top people in the realm
perform with expensive and exalting acquisitions
making the world a place of wisdomirrelevant habitation
where there is no peace and tranquillity
but where prevails money and infidelity


Inimitable She Is.

To the point
not less or more
a moderation
in behaviour and
of wants going about
in a strategic move
answers only
when she knows
that too in-depth
mild in voice
but determined
in thought
gets along with all
in an easy progress
an inimitable character
even at the tender age
imagine what would
she be as she grows
into a grand lady.


Making Decisions— An Art

The run of everyone is astonishing.
Go they by speed and terms
suitable to them in their own
Going by acceleration entertains a few.
Processing by moderation takes many.
Remaining lethargic finds its way in most.

The rate and velocity depend upon the hype
closely endorsing quickest resolutions in type.
Resolving does need an understanding deep
ploughing into the intricacies and recovering
the evidences with proofs and prohibitions
making the destination stong and fool-proof
most likely to make it practical and above criticism.

Such modulations are possible only in moderation
wherein you think, deliberate and then act
designating a sensible empowerment
and a rational investigation to decide
and promote a succinct intervention
arriving on an integrated solution.

The habit of lethargy is comfortable
in not doing anything and not deciding
keeping mum over all burning issues
allowing them to pass on their own
rain or shine nothing to stop the going.
as inertness is the motivation around